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i should have changed that stupid lock. i should have made you leave your key.

2011 05 22 the daily commute

Teacup: Swag mug from the NAMI charity walk yesterday
Tea: What's in it for this photo is microwaved chocolate soy milk, but I'm drinking the Upton's Young Hyson

Bruise situation is uncomfortable, but I'm not in as much pain as I expected. All that practice falling turns out to be good for something.

I wrote what I hope will be the introduction for truepenny's forthcoming short story collection "Somewhere Beneath Those Waves" last night before bed. If it sounds like I was stoned on muscle relaxants, you'll now know why.

I've got a breakfast with a fellow VP instructor and his daughter today (There's still time to apply!) and then I have every intention of having a Day Off, with more Six Feet Under, dog brushing, and the reading of books. Oh dear me, time off, And only 20,000 words and a set of page proofs to get through in June.
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