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let's face the music and dance

Still in post-novel ennui. Beginning to be irritated with my apparent inability to do anything except play Zuma, sleep, and walk the dog. The rational part of my brain occasionally insists that I've been working flat-out since January of 2010, and maybe it's okay if I crash a bit, but the Puritan guilt is always there nagging away. Don't worry, Puritan work-ethic. Soon we will be insanely overscheduled again.

Right now I'm going to take my tea and my book out to the porch and watch the dog chase squirrels and robins out of the yard.

I figured out why I really like this one Arcade Fire song, when I can't tell most of the others apart* despite finding the general concept of the band awesome**. It's that Reality-era Bowie influence.

(This especially amuses me because I first heard of Arcade Fire because Bowie was pimpin' them all over NYC and the internets, which was long enough ago now that I still tend to refer to them as "The Arcade Fire" unless I go back and edit myself. Which made me very much want to like them, and I never quite could despite repeated attempts****. I suspect I need to give this whole album a chance to grow on me.)


Teacup today: Baroque green one that has a lid somewhere.
Tea today: Upton's Tindharia Estate Darjeeling FTGFOP1 CL*****

2011 05 26 Daily Commute 004  2011 05 26 Daily Commute 003 

tl;dr: Here's a picture of a very smug cat********:

2011 05 26 Daily Commute 001

*This is a common affliction with me: the Spin Doctors have "Cleopatra's Cat" and then all those other songs.

**Long ago, and probably heavily influenced by War for the Oaks and Twisting the Rope, I was working on a novel revolving around a group of musicians too big to be a punk band, and without enough of a horn section to qualify for ska***. Nothing ever came of it, but hey, Arcade Fire. Successful life imitates failed art, in this case.

***The band name in that case was Nyx. I don't remember what the spec element was supposed to be.

****I have also failed to like Nick Cave and Garnet Rogers, among others.

*****"Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe 1st flush CLonal (I did not actually have to look that up. Oh dear.)******

******Once you get started with a good run of footnotes, it's hard to know when to stop. I'm sure Hunter S. Thompson would agree.

********The Very Large Object, my roomie's cat.
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