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bear by san

March 2017



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they'll show us how to break the rules but never how to make the rules

Was just discussing "classic" Disney movies with friends, and how the central narrative is "Your mother will die, and your dog, and you will probably have to shoot the dog."

Seriously, is a wonder we all grew up emotionally damaged?

Thank cod for Pixar.



But then Disney sanitised fairy tales for us as well, sort of evening it out. ;)
Yeah, I was going to say something along these lines, because Disney was using Grimm's for flavor but made some pretty weak tea. If we got it full-blast, I suspect we'd become Russian.
And not in a healthy, "Men die, cattle die, even the gods themselves must one day die" way, either.
Wolf 'til world's end. Nope, not like that at all.


First movie I ever remember seeing was "Bambi, " then "Dumbo" shortly thereafter; it's been many years and I can't watch an animated movie. Another early trauma was "Black Gold"--well they shot the horse, not a dog; hate most movies with animals too, it's never good for them.
I know I saw a lot of Disney movies as a child -- the style and color palette still look "right" to me. But I can't remember watching them. I know what they're about because I've read the stories and seen some of them since.

I have always thought of myself as fond of them, but I can't remember a single thing from watching Bambi - which supposedly I loved - but I think that may actually mean my Mom loved it. I do remember some of the music, because I had records (the kind that came in a booklet - not the small ones, the 33 1/3rds that were over a foot square).

Self defense mechanism, maybe?
Also "...and then a man, such as a prince or Jesus, will save you." Unless that was just the animated ones? I don't remember watching any live-action Disney flicks, not that I'm bitter about missing Escape to Witch Mountain.
That's only the ones where the protagonist is a mislaid princess.
I will note that Disney stories (which do rely on getting the parents out of the way--usually by killing them off or having orphanhood be a pre-existing condition--so that the hero can have adventures without having to be home for dinner and chores) are less condescending than other children's films in that way. It irritates me beyond saying that almost every film version of A Little Princess the father turns up alive at the end; I imagine the meeting on that as going "but he can't be dead. That's too grim. I know, we'll make him blind/amnesiac, so he doesn't recognize her..." At the first screening of the film I went to kids were carried out screaming when Sara's father looked at her and didn't know her--any kid who's ever heard a fairytale knows that parents die. It's much scarier to think that your parents might simply not know you.

That said, the death of Bambie's mother is just cold.
Gah: Bambi.
I bet SHE dissapeared him.

And yeah. I love the movie almost as much as the book, and I took that book out of the library probably a hundred times.
I was warped for life by Old Yeller. To this day I will run from the room if I see it is on the TV.
Better than the recent Disney movies, in which the theme is "know your place, and don't bloody try to get above it, you." Come to think of it, that's an underlying theme in some of the older ones, too.
Mulan has a nice intact nuclear family. She's even got a cool grandmother.

That also happens to be my alltime favorite Disney movie.

That said, the last word in your original post made me grin all out of proportion to it.
There's a strange amount of respect for Confucian-based Asian culture in it! This means the parents are sympathetic, and the granny gets to say all the saltiest lines. ;)

I love the character of Aladdin, but the weird mash of culture in it bothers me as an adult.
>> the central narrative is "Your mother will die, and your dog, and you will probably have to shoot the dog." <<

Disney, country music for the pre-school generation ;)
That must have been Disney's "Death by Newberry Medal" phase.

The classic fairy tales have happy endings, and the Haley Mills films were cool.