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December 2021



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now my death is more than just a sad song

Thor was surprisingly amusing.

But I'm still on Loki's side.


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But I'm still on Loki's side.

I don't yet know anyone who's not.
Vanir > Aesir.
It was amusing. And surprisingly good with female characters.

I still object to Sif being a brunette, and Loki being Thor's brother in any way. I know that both of these are from the comics, and object to them there, too.

Heimdall being black was awesome, though. There was, at least, some kind of point to that.
Look, I don't care what you do: If you put Idris Elba on a forty-foot screen and let him be awesome, I will pay you eight dollars.
P.S. That icon is badASS.
Dave Leri's "Low Key Loki," an illustration for my story "Hobnoblin Blues."

for the whole image. It's GORGEOUS.
Sorry, I'm for Thor. I like my men meaty. Yum.
Tom Hiddleston tried out for the role of Thor, first. Put on forty pounds of muscle. He's over six feet tall, blonde, cute, and bulks up well.

Then Brannaugh told him that, no, he was actually thinking of Hiddleston for Loki, who he wanted to have a "Cassius-like 'lean and hungry' look." So Hiddleston lost fifty pounds, and dyed his hair black.
Shouldn't everybody?
Well, duh. Any with more brains than hormones is on Loki's side.
I was surprised at how much I loved that movie. But yeah, totally on Loki's side. And Odin? Still a dick.
No no no. Odin is wise, you see. And Thor sacrificed, like, a whole day to advance from frat boy to wizened ombudsman of the gods. But Loki . . . the cold is in his blood, and there's no fighting that. He's evil. No two ways about it.
Yah, I'm definitely with Loki on this one. On the excursion into Jotunheim, he's the only one who shows any bloody sense. (We will ignore the required-but-nonsensical villainy that followed his Hollywood-mandated parentage freakout.)

(Also, watching Thor made me want to finish the story that cannot/should not be titled "Wormtongue in Love". Maybe I'll finally get to that this weekend.)
Besides, you know he'd be more fun on dates. *g*
Going into it, we knew the movie would live or die on the strength of its Loki.

To my pleasant surprise, it lived. There are other things we can complain about (and did), but Loki passed the test.

(It's comments like these that validate the existence of my Hel icon. ^_^ )
*g* Everybody needs a nice death god icon.
Yeah, it's interesting how that works out, eh? The noble jock gets the hammer and the Rolls and the accolades, and the smart guy gets sidelined, and immediately becomes petty and scheming. Not exactly news, if you look at primitive and medieval warrior cultures in general, and specifically the virtues they extolled.

But what I find quite telling is how this story keeps getting dusted off and trotted out every once in a while, when there seems to be a dirth of requisite respect for jocks and jar heads. The message always seems to be, "Jealous much? Loki was brainy, too, but he was also a total loser. Don't be like Loki, kids."

Anyway, that has nothing to do with the movie (which I've read relatively positive things about, you know, for a superhero movie, anyway), for which I lack the play money to go see at the moment. Probably needs to be seen in a theater, but I'm not at all sure my wife is even remotely interested. *shrug*
Aren't we all?
Well, yes, of course.
I enjoyed the movie thoroughly, but I want Thor 2 to actually be Warriors Three 1. (Plus Sif.)
I am rooting for Heimdall Goes Bowling, personally.
Yeah, I spent the whole movie thinking "But Loki just has issues!"
But I was glad that it was obvious Thor and Odin still cared about him even in the end. :)
I had the tremendous fortune to see Tom Hiddleston on stage in a production of Cymbaline a few years ago. He doubled as Leonatus (the romantic lead) and Cloten (the villain). It took until his 3rd or 4th role swap -- changing clothes on stage -- before I realized it was the same actor, he was that good at differentiating the two characters. [This was more than just my unfamiliarity with the play; some of the Shakespearean journals describe productions for posterity, and their critic made a similar revelation.]

We complimented him after the show, and he was charming and gracious. I'm just glad he's finally getting the popular attention he deserves.
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