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no that's okay. don't sweat it.

After shoveling a bunch of compost with thecoughlin, I went kayaking today with The Jeff on Black Pond in Meriden. Gorgeous little puddle full of wildlife and water lillies. Many redwinged blackbirds, red-eared sliders, osprey, heron, black and turkey buzzards.

2011 05 28 Black Pond Meriden CT 011

Water iris:

2011 05 28 Black Pond Meriden CT 022

I got too much sun and ate all the ice cream. All of it. Life, as John Gorka said, is full of disappointments--and I am full of life. But I am also full of ice cream. So it balances.

Now I'm going to read White Sands, Red Menace until I fall asleep.
Tags: me upon my pony in my boat, recumbent boating

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