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clear light on a slick palm as i mis-deal the day

That was a busy day. After the holiday luncheon thing, The Jeff and I went for a hike-ette around Laurel Marsh with the GRD (wow, ticks)--but on the way there, as we were driving along, I spotted a suspicious lump in the road...

Me: "Turtle. Turtle!"

He stomped on the brakes before he hit it, and I bailed out and rescued it--a good sized Eastern Painted Turtle with a shell as big as both my hands together.

Being a turtle, it tried to scratch and bite and pee on me while I transported it to the pond, which it was at least a block away from. I suspect the intervention of a juvenile East African Plains Ape, somehow....

Anyway, turtle back in pond, and marsh hiked around. Win/win.

53 miles to Mordor, by the way.
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