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if you go home with somebody and they don’t have books, don’t fuck ‘em.

One of my orchids bloomed while I wasn't looking! It's the Phalaenopsis, in all its spotty glory. There are still two or three bugs on the shoot, but odds are I won't get to see them, what with the Europe trip and all. Still, bloom! Only the second time since I bought it.

2011 05 31 daily commute 003

Tea today: Stash green ginger peach
Teacup today: green stoneware

Today we choose faces do laundry. Also, I want to break out my guitar, which I haven't touched since I got back from Arizona. Renewed interest (rather than guilt) is another sign the brain fog is lifting.

Oh, what a job I have, that requires repeatedly pushing one's self to a state of mental exhaustion, and this is regarded as normal.

Other than that, it's looking at houses, walking the dog, and reading a book. Last day of time off: tomorrow I have to try to start getting my chicks in a row regarding the shorter of the two stories I must write in June.
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