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church on time terrifies me

(Posted on time delay, since I could not make the coffee shop wireless obey me.)

Day three on the ground in Ireland.

After Monday's post, we buggered off to the pub for traditional Irish music, including a folk acoustic version of "Plastic Jesus."

Yesterday, we went to Dublin, and walked all over it. There are photos. Today was Howth. There are photos of that too.

The highlight was Howth Castle. The front is a glorious ruin, with verbena and ivy doing their best to pull it down. The back is still inhabited. Also, we had some very good fried cod.

Now I'm sitting in a coffee shop with stillsostrange and hawkwing_lb, not fooling anyone by taking our laptops here.

I've gotten 2700 words on "The Salt Sea and the Sky" so far. Tomorrow is a rest day in terms of tourism--between the remainder of today and then, I have hopes of finishing it at 5K.

Coffee shop:

2011 06 08 Balbriggan Ireland 092
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