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bear by san

March 2017



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muppetology animal deadlines

is it just another children's story that's been de-clawed?

State of the Honeydew:

Range of Ghosts CEM: May 6, 2011
Online Writing Workshop review: May 15, 2011
Revise Book of Iron: May 30, 2011
Online Writing Workshop review: June 15, 2011

Realms of Fantasy column: June 29, 2011
Realms of Fantasy article: June 29, 2011
Biomedical story: July 1, 2011
"The Salt Sea and the Sky" (Gay dystopian YA story): July 8, 2011
Range of Ghosts page proofs: July 09, 2011
Shattered Pillars: November 2, 2011
Victorian fantasy story: December 15, 2011
SF Horror story ("Form & Void"): December 25, 2011

Leprecon 37: May 6-8 2011
KGB reading: May 18 2011
Eurocon: June 17-19 2011 (barring volcanoes)

Fourth Street Fantasy Conversation: June 23-26 2011
Odyssey: July 1, 2011
Clarion: July 10-16, 2011
Viable Paradise: October 7-16, 2011

"Latency": March 2012
An Apprentice to Elves: June1 1, 2012 with truepenny
Hard SF adventure story: June1 1, 2012
Steles of the Sky : November 2012
"Underworld": September 2012

"Dark Leader": March 2013
"Something's Gotta Eat T. rexes": September 2013

No fixed deadline:

"The Deeps of the Sky"
Karen Memory
Smile (unless its name is actually Salt Water)
Unsuitable Metal
Gotham Jazz

"Untitled Space Opera Thingy" aka "Periastron"
"Steel Monkey"
"Posthumous Jonson"
"The Death of Terrestrial Radio"
"On Safari in R'lyeh and Carcosa with Gun and Camera"


I would like to know what relationship you have with volcanoes. Is it causal, by any chance? If so, in which direction? (Do Bears cause volcanoes, or volcanoes cause Bears? Is there an Icelandic Saga in the offing?) I'll tiptoe away now.
Bears and volcanoes coexist. Preferably in different airspace. *g*
Always a good idea.
Aren't you close enough to Eurocon now to get there even if the airspace is closed?

(Not that I want you to have to prove it, mind. But Europe actually has useful intercity rail and ferry services.)
Ireland is not actually all that close to Sweden, and there are several Seas in the way.