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bear by san

March 2017



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some days i feel like my shadow's casting me

I have a belly full of lox bagel and cappuchino, after an exceedingly cold dip in the Irish Sea this morning (air temperatuire, 9 degrees C not counting the significant wind chill, no sun, whitecaps tossing the bay). Now I can say I've done it, and I never have to do it again.

It was warmer than cave water. Barely.

Also, we have attained Mordor. The Morannon is apparently a bagel joint in Balbriggan.

2011 06 12 Balbriggan Ireland 013

Mordor serves a very nice cappuchino dusted with cocoa powder.

2011 06 12 Balbriggan Ireland 016

Just what you need after a long chilly walk.

If you were wondering, I started my walk to Mordor 1612 days ago, and since then I have walked/swum/kayaked/biked 2290 miles, for an average of 1.4 miles a day.

I'm kind of glad to be done. *g*

Now it's back to working on this novelette that's due July 1, which I would like to get to 5,000 words today. Which requires some dedication, I admit, because I have about 1750 words written. Getting to the halfway point would mean that I can knock the rest of it out before I leave Europe, though, which would be good--because that would leave me only four 500-word book reviews and a 3,000 word article to finish by month's end. Oh, and two conventions and a little transatlantic travel.

It's a good thing I'm superhuman.


It was warmer than cave water. Barely

I don't know who has our summer, but it seems to have been lost in transit. We can usually do much better than this in mid-June. Honest. I have had to start wearing vests again and I am sitting with the heating on.

Anyway, many congrats on reaching Mordor. It looks much more pleasant than I expected. :)
They have crisps in Mordor! And a pretty good fry-up.
I have always suspected as much. Also, it's reassuring to see that in a world where so many of the grand old traditions lie under peril of extinction, the gates of Mordor remain proudly and unrebrandedly Black.
Congratulations on getting to Mordor! June is usually nicer than this - we seem to be experiencing July weather at the moment ;-)

I'm glad you sound like you're enjoying your European trip - where else are you going? I did hope to have a trip to Convenetion in Sweden and say "hi" also but alas, finances and commitments are naysayers.
Aww. I too am sad I won't get to see you there.

We leave for Sweden on Wednesday, and there we will stay until it is time to return to Americaland.
Mordor looks quite pleasant.

I'm new to this meme--do you now start hiking back to the Shire?

(You're the first person I've known doing this meme, and the first one to have made it. What comes next is what I wonder).
I wait for the fucking eagles to carry me home. *g* I'm done. Three four and a half years.

Edited at 2011-06-12 01:55 pm (UTC)

Grin. Sounds like a plan.
Would your plane home count? :)
"and a little transatlantic travel."

All the best people fly home from Mordor. ;)
I'll take a 747 if that's all that's going.
Less romantic, but easier on one's hairdo -- and cleaner.

*No, a cramp in your claw is not a good excuse for almost dropping me, and would you mind turning me right side up again now? Thanks!*
Note: there is a Dutch chain called Bagels & Beans. I'm not sure how far out of the Netherlands they've spread, but if you run into one, they do have real proper bagels (even my mother, on a visit from Philadelphia, apprioed.) The lox is more like Nova, not salty, but otherwise OK.
Thank you!
You're superhuman, Bear? In that case, you'll need to visit Ben Bulben before leaving Ireland. Yeats said so:

Swear by what the sages spoke
Round the Mareotic Lake
That the Witch of Atlas knew,
Spoke and set the cocks a-crow.

Swear by those horsemen,by those women
Complexion and form prove superhuman,
That pale, long-visaged company
That air in immortality
Completeness of their passions won;
Now they ride the wintry dawn
Where Ben Bulben sets the scene.
I'd love to, but I'm afraid that while it's theoretically possible it could be further away from us, it would have to be in Killarney. (We're a bit north of Dublin, you see.)
Cast a cold eye
On life, on death,
Horseman pass by.