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bear by san

March 2017



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don't stop believing. hold on to that feeling.

Today we made it out of UCD to play on their climbing wall.

It was good.

I did a bunch of fairly easy stuff (4s and 5s), flamed out on what was allegedly a stemmy slopy slabby 5+ (European system) in the corner, and made it up an absolute monster of an overhung 6a with a roof.

2011 06 13 University College Dublin climbing wall & campus 054

Also, absolutely gorgeous sunset tonight. Have a fakey fake panorama, complete with ~700 years of Irish history in silhouette:

2011 06 13 Sunset over Balbriggan Ireland 0062011 06 13 Sunset over Balbriggan Ireland 0072011 06 13 Sunset over Balbriggan Ireland 008

And in conclusion, baby swan:
2011 06 13 University College Dublin climbing wall & campus 073

(there will be more photos when I get somewhere where I'm not hogging Liz's internets to upload them all. I am taking plenty! Especially for stillnotbored.)


Baby swan! That is just painfully cute.

Also, go you on the successful climbing of very intimidating-looking vertical things!
Thank you!
Bear with pigtails! Climbing all the things!
Pulling a pretty heinous roof, in fact.

My hands are still sore.
Cute cygnet
Go you! And cute swan :)
Looks fun! Well, except for the rock climbing, although you look pretty competent there. Could you see me on a rock face? Huh. I'd be all up for the cafes, though...and the pubs. Say hi to your trusty travel partners.

Edited at 2011-06-14 02:36 am (UTC)
I could see you on a rock face. You have a good build for it, and it gives one pretty shoulders. *g*
Hmmm, you just had to bring up the great side benefit, didn't you? *g*
\0/ baby swan! I saw five with their parents yesterday on my way to work and it was the highlight of my day!
Yay for UCD. Nice place.
Eeeee, overhangs! Eeee, baby swan!

...hmm. Entirely different "eee" types there. Both great pictures, though.