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bear by san

March 2017



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problem cat

oh, my feet. my burning feet of fire.

Last night, we had dinner in on the sidewalk outside an absolutely awesome Italian cafe. OMG teh fudz. There was no night last night: I went to bed at 12:30 and it was twilight, and when I woke up briefly at 3 am it was morning. (I pulled the covers over my head and went back to sleep.)

We saw a runestone yesterday, and one today, and practiced our Futhark.

The hotel we are staying in has a hysterically terrifying antique elevator.

NB elisem: There was squeeze fish for breakfast.

Today we were tourists, walking all over Stockholm, including Scanden, which is sort of Old Sturbridge Village meets zoological garden, except for Scandinavia. We saw bears and owls and baby wolverines. And embarrassing genital graffiti. And peacocks.

And a goose on a roof.

There were bunnies with tiny hayracks.

There were also moonbeasts with children playing on them. I lost san.

Here is the giant eagle that will carry us from Mordor.

Stockholm's underground is hewn from the living fiberglass by no mortal hands.

Now my feet hurt.

Stockholm is lovely, with many trees, and is in fact composed chiefly of islands. It is also a maze of six-story pastel buildings, all alike. Except about half have cupolas. I want to live in a cupola.

Also, Sweden has a design aesthetic, and it sticks to it. Even the trees are gently rounded cubes. Out hotel room feels like living in an Ikea. Not in a bad way. And there are all sorts of very nifty energy-saving measures in place everywhere we go.

There are beautiful parks and huge skies full of gorgeous weather and very nice people. Most of whom speak better English than I do, which is good, because my Swedish is limited to six words. I learned a new one today: Utgang, except it has diacriticals I am too lazy to type right now.

Also, we saw Thor. He had a seagull on his head.

I love this place already. Now we're going to a pub.

Here's what Amanda had to say.


My sister-in-law is moving to Stockholm to teach music next month. I cannot wait to crash at her place for a week or so.
Also, we saw Thor. He had a seagull on his head.

For peculiar reasons, that makes me happy.

Antique Elevator

Flashback: "Mooooom!" Uh... I mean, "Hoooootch!"

Being totally presumptuous... I just saw The Fisher King again and kept hearing Bear-esque comments in my head; I keep having this urge to write a recap in the style of yours... should I just do it and keep it to myself or would it be OK to post it in the CM journal (fully credited as inspired by your recaps, of course)? I hesitate to get even that close to plagiarism without permission.

I'd happily send you a copy first, if you like. Oh, also noted as my own comments, not second-guessing what your comments would be. I have to say that I don't seem to have the sub-text detecting gene, so your recaps/reviews have turned a lot of lights on in my brain as to why I love me some CM, even if I wasn't aware of the reasons.

Thanks for your consideration. Oh, and I'm up to chapter 16 (Tristen's Trial) in Chill - I'm finally getting enough of a picture in my head of How The World Works to relax and enjoy the story. I'm sure it'll be easier on re-reading.

Re: Antique Elevator

Oh, sure! Fandom is all about giving cool stuff away. *g*
We walked all over Stockholm last summer, mostly down by the river though. We only had a day there though, then we took the train up to Narvik. But I definitely want to visit Sweden again.
"The river"? What river would that be? Stockholm is an archipelago in the estuarine boundary between Lake Mälaren and the Baltic.
"Skansen," no "d".

And squeeze fish eggs, to be nitpicky about it.

But I'm glad you like my city. It's one of my favoritest.
Practicing futhark? Gad. This may lead to literacy. It must be stopped.
...squeeze fish?
Smoked cod roe caviar, in squeeze tubes. Squeeze tubes are a pretty common delivery system for condiments, in Sweden.
The moonbeasts remind me more than a bit of your dog.

Though not as awesome, obviously.
Us too. *g*
That elevator warning poster is terrifying. What does it say? "Do not stand near door with large objects, or your head will be crushed"?
It says, roughly, "It is dangerous to transport goods in elevators that lack a safety gate." The older elevators had a door or gate at every floor, and also typically an inner, collapsible accordion gate. My grandmother's apartment in Folkungagatan had such an antique appurtenance.
my Swedish is limited to six words

A handy phrase an acquaintance of mine learned when he was here: "rulltrappssömn är strängt förbjudet" ("it is strictly forbidden to sleep on the escalator").
That's VERY useful.
I love the bunny picture! (Bunnies being my favourite animals.) So cute!