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early evening ring around the moon

As promised, photos.

We went climbing this afternoon (A climbing gym in Stockholm is like a climbing gym anywhere), and then went out to Gamla Stan, which is the old part of the city, to go to the SF bookstore (I bought a copy of The Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy in Swedish) and poke around narrow alleys and drink a beer.

Beer: accomplished, in what is obviously Stockholm's vampire pub:

2011 06 20 Stockholm 083 2011 06 20 Stockholm 082

Amanda spotted the stairs going down into a cellar and said, "These look deadly. Let's go here."

2011 06 20 Stockholm 077

Beer selection: adequate
Single malt selection: pretty okay, actually
Ambiance: unbeatable

We're going back tomorrow for the elk burgers, since we had already had dinner tonight (curry and potato wrap sandwiches as big as our heads.

Also, rock climbers. You can't take them anywhere:

2011 06 20 Stockholm 067

(This was proof of concept for a scene that will appear in Shattered Pillars. Now you know. Nobody will be seated during the Chimneying Medieval Isn'tanbul sequence.)

We meant to go out dancing in a gay bar, but could not find it. Perhaps it no longer exists.

Tomorrow, I have to write the article I owe Realms of Fantasy.
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