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bear by san

March 2017



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it's amazing how much mature wisdom resembles being too tired.

I am at the Fourth Street Fantasy Conversation, and therefore automatically having more fun than you are--unless you are also here.

Downstairs, they are commencing the reading of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead. I have declared discretion the better part of whatever and returned to my room, because I fully plan to be in bed within an hour or two at the most.

I could stay up for the play. It would even be fun.

Except my ears haven't fully unplugged, and I'm not a very good lipreader, and I've hit the level of tired where I'm moving around in a comfortable haze of not really here. And you know, I don't need to push myself to sickness before the con even starts--especially since I need to be sharp for the writing symposium instead.

So, yeah.

I'm going to bed.

Was it for this I uttered prayers,
And sobbed and cursed and kicked the stairs,
That now, domestic as a plate,
I should retire at half-past eight?

--Edna St. Vincent Millay


Jealous, jealous. Have oodles of fun! I'm bummed I can't make it this year and re-experience more of the awesomeness.
It'd be even more fun if you were here, it's true.
Enjoy! I ended up with family commitments this weekend, so rather than driving 30 minutes down to join in the fun I'm driving 3 hours up to northern MN in the morning.
I'm not there yet, but will be.
*whoops and makes a lassooing motion*
It was even fun, but it's a pretty bad convention if nobody ever has fun that one doesn't share in oneself. I hope you're well-rested this morning, and I'll see you this evening!
Fourth Street is tiny and delightful and everybody should come.
Exactly. Although I suspect it the membership ever made it up to 200 or so, it'd probably be capped, because the con's "everybody hangs out and talks" structure would break down at that point.

Fourth Street: Not quite like other cons.
*sigh* The closest I've ever been to anything like a Con was a Mensa RG at Tidewater, Va. There was a performance of a rewritten 'Camelot' (YEARS ago, pre-Spamalot days), which gave us a new take on "What Do The Simple Folk Do?". Good Times.
:waves and wishes I were there:

We wish you were here too.