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there's treasure...buried in this city of dues. i wish i could say we didn't have that much to lose.

I managed 500 words on "Gods of the Forge" this afternoon, and cut about 300 words of no-longer useful notes. I have four and a half scenes left to write, and I'm thinking maybe my best plan is to sit down Tuesday or Wednesday and just do it, as it were--which means starting over from the beginning, because I changed my mind halfway through what the damned thing was about. But that's okay. I can do this thing.

I'm kind of tired out, though, and it's hard to focus.

And I have other work on even shorter deadlines. Like my crits for Odyssey, which I am guest-lecturing on Friday. And then there's Clarion in two weeks.

And OMG, the page proofs for Range of Ghosts came. It's going to be a beautiful book, and I really need to get on those, too.

So. Much. Work.

But after all this is done, I have nothing going on until Viable Paradise. Except writing a novel.

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