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bear by san

December 2021



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loose tea for loose women

in horkstow grange there lived an old miser.

I feel like there's an awful lot going on in my life right now, professionally and personally, and I'll probably be a bit of an absentee landlord around here for a while. I'm madly sprinting after deadlines while trying to get my Odyssey and Clarion prep done, shopping for houses, and meanwhile find some time for convention recovery.

The good news is  as of today, when I am back from my hotel bloat, I managed not to gain any weight back on my month-long sojourn. I blame all the walking, and plenty of vegetables.

So now it's back on the wagon of daily exercise and eating properly. I ran 5K yesterday (okay, jogged, and walked bits of it) and jogged the entirety of a little over three today. Also, climbing Tuesday and Wednesday, and yoga today. So go team me, and Project:Valkyrie is back on track. I may not hit the goal weight and level of fitness I wanted to by my birthday, but if I can keep on this track, I'll be in striking distance. And shirts that have not fit since last year are fitting again. Yay! Another fifteen-twenty pounds and I'll be back in my black jeans.

scott_lynch's amazing triceps at 4th Street were pretty fucking inspirational, I tell you what. MORE DOWNWARD DOG. MOAR TRICEPS. I want triceps like that. On my arms, I mean, not in a jar of formaldehyde.

So, since I'm submerging to kill deadlines and for still! moar! travel, I thought I would bring you some pretty pictures. We flew over the ruffled bit of Canada on the way home from Stockholm, and OMFG. I thought the Mojave looked fatal from the air. Gorgeous, ice-world, alien landscape of mountains and fjords and ice. A stunning reminder that most of our homeworld is really not habitable, so we'd better take care of the bits that are.

2011 06 22 Labrador from the Air 011

2011 06 22 Labrador from the Air 013

2011 06 22 Labrador from the Air 014

And now that you have been stunned by immensity and pack ice, have some nice Swedish modular furniture from the Stockholm airport for that homey feel.

2011 06 22 Leaving Stockholm 003

Sweden. They have an aesthetic.


The Stockholm airport is so much more homey and cozy-looking than Keflavik Int'l, which is all angles and blond wood and remarkably impersonal.
Oooh, Eero Saarinen Womb chairs!
Ack, bad designer! Correction: They're Arne Jacobsen Egg chairs. I will remember one day...

Re: Good thing you're superhuman

I'm feeling my superhuman right now, I tell you what.

Re: Good thing you're superhuman

I feel absurdly pleased that someone else is trying to have All The Lives at once. The only reason I'm not traveling too much this year is because I'm teaching on a tiny campus in the middle of Virginia for 6 weeks. Of course, I'm also trying to rewrite a book, but hey. If I wasn't overworked, I might get old.

Re: Good thing you're superhuman

It's more that ALL THE LIVES are trying to have me...

I miss you. *g* (Next year, less fucking travel.)
You go on with you bad self with the running and the health! Running has not quite come off of my bad list, where it's been since gym class killed it for me.

Also, OMFG, alien landscapes right here for our enjoyment. Dude. Reminds me of Haleakala on Hawaii, which looks like Mars. (And, incidentally, made me altitude sick.)
We looked at using Haleakala for a lunar analog test site for our NASA projects, but wound up going instead with a cinder cone around 9000 ft up Mauna Kea. And of course our Arctic Canadian crater site...
I know! I mean, that was the prettiest bit. But it made me wonder if Douglas Adams had ever been to Stockholm, because that is, in fact, an attractive airport.
Oslo airport is long and thin, it turns out. I suspect a national passion for walking.
That airport looks more comfortable and friendly than my living room does. I'm kinda impressed.
Awesome photos!

Congrats on sticking to enough of the diet that stuff fits again! Running a 5K is great. There's a lot in-state too if you get back to CT this summer in case you want to push a little. If not, stick with the motion. Really, you're a Verbal Valkyrie already, so anything else is more awesome sauce.

Sounds like a busy summer! Hope all goes well.
Huh. I walked into a new tea stop in the neighbourhood, and my first thought, looking at the furniture was, "Very Swedish." Partly due to some of the odder rather than practical things to come out of Ikea, and partly - well, that photo right there.