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for australia bound if we didn't all drown

This day has not, in fact, been one long fezzle from beginning to end. It started off auspiciously, with a good run at dawn, and then a little work, and a really nice paddle of the Mighty Scantic* with The Jeff.

Came back home around 4 and made some late lunch/early dinner and settled in to work the night away. And was doing pretty well--on to page 24 of 42 of "Gods of the Forge"--when my laptop kicked up a BSOD just after I hit save.

I rebooted, and saw those dread words.


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my hard drive had--this is a technical term now--shit the bed.

I took it out, blew it off, and tried reseating it. No dice. At this point, I did what any writer on a deadline would do when her computer implodes and she's leaving for San Diego in six days.

I called my best friends.

ashacat and netcurmudgeon to the rescue. While netcurmudgeon and I ascertained that there were indeed a whole 17 days left on the laptop's warranty and got Dell to overnight me a new hard drive, ashacat started feeding me sweet tea and cheese tortillas.

Meanwhile, netcurmudgeon installed a solid-state drive temporarily in the laptop and slapped a quicky build of Windows up on it, with browser and word processor. So I have a functional if bare-bones machine, and the ranch is saved, and my deadlines have not gotten any more onerous.

And I have just checked and discovered that Drop Box managed to grab that very last save and back it up, so I haven't even lost any work.


The lessons: the tighter the deadline, the more likely your computer will implode. And also, SESO.

I'm incredibly fortunate, actually--it blew up this week, and not last or next week--and it was still (just barely) under warranty.

This means that the story won't be edited today. But it also means that it will eventually be edited. And before too much longer, too.

Now I just have to download Skype so I can manage to make it to the live Squeecast episode taking place at Convergence tomorrow at 3:30 pm central time (I will be ducking out of a 4th of July party briefly to do it), and then I can go to bed.

Oh, and I have my first ever case of poison ivy, which I suspect I picked up climbing on Wednesday. It's just a slightly uncomfortable half-inch long, hair-thin blister on my right wrist... but sadly, I think it signifies the end of my era of poison ivy immunity.

Well, I guess I needed to reformat that HD anyway....

Also, this was a valuable reminder that my life rocks, and I am surrounded by people who will drop everything to help me when it's necessary.

I am so freaking lucky.

*the Mighty Scantic is really more The Adorable Scantic
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