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she said you're no angel. no angel anymore.

Muggy this morning, but the GRD and I still managed to jog about 3K. He'll be six this year, and I'm starting to notice the first signs that he's not a young dog anymore.

But I'm not a young human anymore, so it works out.

While I was away, my garden exploded. I spent part of Tuesday morning weeding it out (breaking the top off one of the tomato plants in the process, dammit), and I am pleased to announce that it is cheerfully producing foodlike objects for consumption later. Also, the pear tree that isn't in hard shade from the beech most of the time is producing its little heart out. These are not so much pears for eating as pears for hand-to-hand combat, but they bake up just fine and they make fabulous pear butter.

The first tiny tomatoes are coming, and I've already eaten some of the peas and baby carrots, and given some to the neighbor kids. Lettuces and spinach nearly done until autumn.

2011 07 03 garden 002

2011 07 03 garden 005

2011 07 03 garden 003

Watch your mailboxen come August, people who have received food by mail from me in the past. *g*

I'm going to drink a little tea and do some yoga and then go sluice the sweat off and work until it's time to leave for the 4th of July party.

There's nothing like the end of a long, hard to-do list coming into sight to give a girl a second wind.

Tea today: Stash ginger peach green
Teacup today: the turquoise-lined tea bowl lindorm & co. gave me in Stockholm.

2011 07 03 daily commute
Tags: dreams and bones, giant ridiculous dog, grow your own, horticulture (no really: horticulture), suburban peasantry, tea, the daily commute

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