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bear by san

March 2017



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wicked fairy bowie

he'd like to come and meet us but he thinks he'd blow our minds.

Feeling a funny kind of at peace with myself today. Perhaps it's the persimmons. Perhaps it's just that I'm sitting in my work chair with my dog and a pot of tea and a defined task for the day.

2011 07 04 daily commute

Tea today: Upton's berry herb
Teacup today: one of my prized possessions, a gorgeous tea bowl by the inimitable jonsinger
Dog today: The usual, only even more in need of a bath and grooming session.

Today is a Rest Day, valkyriewise. I might take the dog for a walk later. But I'm feeling yesterday's yoga session in my shoulders, and I'm climbing tomorrow and Wednesday, so a break seems in order.

Good gravy, it's good to be home.

Now to revise this damned story, so I can cross it off my to-do list.


Persimmon? I love the bowl.
mm, persimmons.

That blue and white bowl is one of my faves.
Please tell me about your actual usage of said tea bowl? jonsinger stayed with me over 4th Street, and I am now the proud possessor of a tea bowl that is pink on one side and yellow on the other, except when you go inside, where it's purple on one side and bluish on the other.

But when I use it for its intended purpose, it's too hot to hold. (Jon has said that he really intends to work on the art of handles, Real Soon Now.) Do you wait until the tea cools sufficiently, use something to protect your hands, or just use your asbestos hands?

Recently, I wondered if it would work better if I made the tea in a pot instead of the tea bowl, and then only filled the bowl half full. But I haven't tried that strategy yet.
ooo, that sounds like a lovely tea bowl.

I make my tea by the pot, and handle the bowl by the edges.
sitting in my work chair with my dog and a pot of tea and a defined task for the day

Substitute cats for dog and that right there is one definition of complete engaged contentment for me.
thought I recognized the teabowl. I'm actually embarassed to admit to how much of his work I own.
No one should be embarrassed to be a patron of the arts.
except, umm (shuffle feet), almost all of mine are rejects of his, that is stuff that he would have destroyed as _bad_ work

it is only (I swear) that I am his sweetheart that I get to keep his rejects
Then you are providing a valuable service as an archivist.
Also, you have excellent taste in men, and potters.


Well, I have finished my second reading of my first E. Bear novel, and FWIW I liked it quite a lot.

It is pretty clearly the second book of a trilogy, which always seems to present its own set of challenges, but it's a good read and I'm now on your list of Constant Readers. Muchly looking forward to Dust to see if it clears up a few questions; I tried to draw a family tree just to keep things straight in my head and had to abandon hope *grin*.

And Dearest Bear... my, we do like our families of damaged heroes and Arthurian framework, don't we? Now where have I seen that recently........?

Anyway, thank you for a few pleasant hours. You tell a good story and, silly me, I always think that's what authors should do.

Re: Chill

Thank you!