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bear by san

March 2017



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hustle ash hell yes

If you let me hold you, I won't hold my breath.

Amazing how well I can get by with mostly just the cloud and a few apps, here in the future.

Portrait of a weekend in glimpses:

Saturday, The Jeff and I went kayaking on the Mighty Scantic as planned. We did not get as far as anticipated, because some beavers had DAMMED IT. And we decided to award them the point rather than portaging through the mud.

Also, we were both starving by then.

I saw either one of the beavers, or possibly a muskrat. The Jeff missed it.

Sunday, from ashacat and netcurmudgeon's 4th of July party, I skyped into the SF Squeecast panel at Convergence.

Yesterday I stayed home and worked like a fiend. It felt good, boys and girls. I think I'm ready to get some serious mojo on after Clarion.

Today I worked, went to get my back fixed, climbed, and have just come home to my post-climbing reward, which in this case is a "delicious" protein shake (it has strawberries in it, though!), a bowl of cottage cheese, some carrots, and a fistful of almonds.

Lunch was a salad with chicken on top, some tomato soup, and a little bread.

The Discipline is a harsh mistress. But it's working: I have pants and shirts that have not fit in a year that are comfortable again. In fact, I'm almost done repairing the damage last year did to my attempts to gain health, and then I can embark on fresh territory. Like maybe running that 5K route in less than 50 minutes...

I'm already noticing improvements to my climbing. Walls that were unbelievably fucking hard two months ago are now merely challenging, with twenty less pounds dragging my ass off them. And I have not been climbing much, what with all the travel--certainly not enough to maintain my stamina.

More protein shakes*. More running. More project:valkyrie!

*I make mine with almond milk and soluble fiber. How about you?


I'm clueless about protein shakes, but that doesn't sound too bad. I'm very fond of almond milk, as a medievalist foodie ought to be. Does the protein powder(?) taste funny?
The one I use tastes like cheap vanilla ice cream. It's not horrible, but it's not a culinary delight.

OTOH, it's like 19 grams of protein to the scoop, which is nice after a workout.
RAWR MUSCLES. Man, I hope the LI gym is full of awesome and also that I have time to go there regularly.
Read labels--I learned the hard way that some of the protein powders out there add sucralose and ace-K which makes them taste yucky.

Oh gross! I'll keep that in mind.
We use the "Jay Robb" stuff, it's supposedly the "best tasting". ::shrugs:: It's not bad, and avoids the fake sugar stuff, so it works for me.

We normally use the chocolate powder with almond milk, or the pineapple powder in orange juice. Add a banana, and it's dreamy. :)

Just make sure to blend well, powder chunks are nasty. ;)
ooo, tropical protein.
It's so damn amazing how much difference even a few pounds can make. Congrats on shedding the weight, and good wishes toward losing more while maintaining fitness!

And kayaking? Is cool, though personally not for me. Moving water and I don't get along (frozen white stuff, though, is a different story).

This is my yoga hardbody summer. Outside of a few trips, and Worldcon, I'm obsessing over making it to the neighborhood wellness center for yoga conditioning classes (mostly back care and core fitness stuff, not any one particular school). Trying to do it at least three times a week.

At my age (53), it's now a race to see how fit I can get and what I can get away with as age starts interfering with things. While I plan to be like the little old ladies and old pharts cruising around Timberline during the midweek once I hit my 70s and 80s, and my stated ambition is to die like that cowgirl in Texas who had a heart attack at age 101 and fell off her horse, I've gotta lay the foundation for that now.

So I am. Age is screwing some things up already, primarily reaction speed (darn that arthritis) but hey, it's amazing what weight loss and conditioning can do to improve endurance, flexibility, and strength.
Yeah. I started climbing too late, but damn it, I still want to get as good at it as I can before age shuts me down.
With luck, that could be a while.

I think I've maxed out on the ski stuff. Oh, I'll perfect a few things, but I don't have the knees for moguls or even for really intense black diamonds. Started too late.

Still want to try climbing, but worry about my hands and fingers. That's where I'm really feeling my age. The hand strength, she is fading, and that's in spite of being active (including riding horses). The grip isn't what it used to be.
mmm, spinach.
Vanilla-flavored whey protein, cocoa powder, stevia, and water, with a fair amount of ice blended in. My darling obsessivewoman figured out the proportions to make a reasonable chocolate syrup from cocoa powder and stevia.
Ice! I knew somebody was going to say that....
Please tell me that I'm misreading, and that the tomato soup was not on top of the salad. I do not need that image at this hour!
You are misreading. *g*
Milk (lactaid milk because that's what's in the house), chocolate flavored protein powder (the only one I can stand), and a banana. Bananas are the perfect shake fruit-they hide the edge the protein powder has. No ice for me-I prefer not to get brain freeze.
Hemp milk, psyllium husks. Sometimes orange juice instead of milk, if it's a vanilla protein powder, with an extra splash of vanilla so it kind of tastes like an Orange Julius... kind of.

Sometimes flax seed oil. But psyllium + flax seed = in the bathroom all day.
As an experiment, next time you run your 5K route you might try slowing down to a brisk but very comfortable walk on hills and then speeding up a pace a bit more than you're used to on the straight-aways. You may surprise yourself and come in easily under 50 mins on your very next run.
Thanks, but that defeats the purpose of getting up the cardio fitness to power up the hills.
if that's your goal, you can also try it the other way around, working harder on the hills, taking advantage of the strength and wind you retain from going slower on the parts between. Take a look under "fartlek" on wikipedia.
I live in New England. That would result in me walking literally half the route.
(I do speed intervals in my training, never fear. I also crosstrain like a motherfucker.)