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bear by san

March 2017



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lion in winter broken because you're bri

endless summer lift the curse

This morning's jog was more of an amble. Okay, we jogged the first bit, which is mostly uphill--I think about half of it was managed at a trot, anyway.

One thinks one has too many t-shirts, until summertime rolls around, when one realizes that one hasn't enough.

Still, an absolutely beautiful morning.

Today is a Rest Day.

Archery tonight.

Google+ may be the social networking site that broke this here not-so-narrow back. Suddenly, I find I'm done with all of them. This is probably counterproductive career-wise, so I'll see what I can do about at least keeping this place swept and the windows washed.


For a short bit, it was seeming the cool place to hang out. Now the typical social media noise has begun...the very reason I hate FB the most. In your case, I think the world beats a path to your door at this point. Take your stand. We will come to you.

I think the wise Bear and other writers will take a step back from the ruckus about to erupt and watch from the sidelines for awhile.

I have long regarded Facebook as an abomination that I refused to have anything to do with. I shall add Google+ to that and stick with LJ.
Oh, I mean, there's nothing wrong with the Google+ interface that isn't also wrong with FB and Twitter.

I'm just... my popper has popped. No mas, no mas.
Ah, so it's not just me then? I've been feeling recently that the Web is losing it's appeal as a place to socialise. And I say that as someone who's been socialising online since 1996.

Flickr works for me because I like the groups and the photographic challanges, but I cannot get on with Facebook at all. I can see the appeal of Twitter, but I don't have wise or witty things to say, so never post and hardly ever read. The more formal blogs seem to be interesting for about a year and then the writer seems to run out of things to say, which leaves LJ. It feels comfortable here and I have no intention of leaving.
You are not alone, wise Bear. I have a downhill flow to Facebook and Twitter purely because the IRS thinks this should be promotion, too. But Google+ is going to be something that I may do with a half-dozen people, to make a group conversation on-line a little simpler.

I'm not even learning how to add people. I find myself returning to Live Journal, and hope they don't do something weird with their memberships or rules and drive us all away...
I fear Google+. (I also fear Facebook, but, well. How else are you going to keep up with who's Still Not Dead?)
I'm kind of tired of all my friends joining a social networking site, talking me into joining as well, and then rushing off to join some other social networking site which is more or less exactly the same thing. It's tiresome.
Google+ is fine, I'm sure. I'm just tired of social networking sites. They used to be a blessing to an introvert. Now They're like work.