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if she was my friend it was a long time ago

I'm posting this from an airplane. An airplane I barely made it on to.

That seems like an excess of the future.

Plane was an hour late out of Hartford. As a result, I ran through the Philly airport like O.J. Simpson in a 1970s TV commercial, hurtling baby carriages and unobservant pedestrians.

Not to suggest anything, U.S. Airways, but have you considered getting into some other line of work? Something involving less logistics?

Because you kind of suck at the airline thing.

(Yes, I'm fully cognizant of the irony of using their own wireless, which they charged me thirteen bucks for, to bitch about them. Not that I actually NEEDED the wireless. I just wanted to bitch, and was willing to pay thirteen bucks to do it. Yes, the customer service really was that crappy. And they charged me sixty bucks to check two bags.)
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