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oh I'm a lucky man, to count on both hands the ones I love.

Clarion is done, except the tearfull farewells. I have had the time of my life here with this crew, and also I am looking forward to seeing my dog and cat.

And that's pretty much the worst of the OMG cleared out. Current state of the Honeydew:

State of the Honeydew:

write "Gods of the Forge": July 11, 2011
revise "Gods of the Forge": July 11, 2011
Range of Ghosts page proofs: July 12, 2011
Online Writing Workshop review: July 15, 2011

Online Writing Workshop review: August 15, 2011
RoF column: August 25, 2011
draft of "Helskor" (aka Sad fantasy story): September 15, 2011
Revise of "The Leavings of the Wolf" (aka "Helskor," aka Sad fantasy story): September 15, 2011
Shattered Pillars: December 31, 2011
Victorian fantasy story: December 15, 2011

Odyssey: July 1, 2011
Clarion: July 10-16, 2011

Armadillocon: August 26-28, 2011
100-Year Starship Symposium, Part II: Sept 30-Oct 2, Tampa
Viable Paradise: October 7-16, 2011

"Latency": March 2012
An Apprentice to Elves: June 11, 2012 with truepenny
Hard SF adventure story: June 11, 2012
Steles of the Sky : November 2012
"Underworld": September 2012

"Dark Leader": March 2013
"Something's Gotta Eat T. rexes": September 2013

No fixed deadline:

"The Deeps of the Sky"
Karen Memory
Smile (unless its name is actually Salt Water)
Unsuitable Metal
Gotham Jazz

"Form & Void"
"Untitled Space Opera Thingy" aka "Periastron"
"Steel Monkey"
"Posthumous Jonson"
"The Death of Terrestrial Radio"
"On Safari in R'lyeh and Carcosa with Gun and Camera"
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