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I saw an angel. I saw my fate.

I just got back from my first whitewater kayaking lesson, taken with the Appalachian Mountain Club in Middlefield. It was, I note, a whitewater kayaking lesson, not actual whitewater kayaking. It was on a nice, calm pond.

What I learned:

  • I am too large for almost all whitewater kayaks.

  • A wet exit is actually not that hard; the scary part is tipping your kayak over on purpose.

  • I do not expect to be doing rolls any time soon.

  • My bathing suit is too big.

Actually, I think I'm not in love with the whole whitewater kayaking thing. It seems to be mostly about doing tricks. However, the skills will stand me in good stead for river kayaking, if I stick with it.

All in all, I would rather have been climbing. I really need to get going three times a week again, or I am never going to make any progress.

Drove home under a pewter-colored sky with clouds scraped across it like luminous paint. Now I am in bed with my cat.
Tags: me upon my pony in my boat, recumbent boating

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