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that ain't no fun. i tried me one.

Today is not actually a Rest Day, either in the work or workout senses...but it is that rare luxury, the Unscheduled Day, which is almost as good.

(And here's your trigger warning for talking about food and exercise)


white space

I'm still getting some good results from Discipline 2.0, which translates to most of my dietary intake being fruit, vegetables, and dairy protein, with limited amounts of whole-grain carbs. I'm going to make some beans in the slow cooker here this afternoon, for a little variety. Mmm, beans.

Pretty much blew it off for Clarion week, though I did try to err on the side of protein and complex carbs. We won't talk about the fat intake. Or the booze. Also, pretty sure that veggie sausage wasn't actually good for me, though it was verra tasty.

Managed--now that I've gotten the water weight and salt out of my system--only to have gained two pounds, though, so go team me, go team daily exercise.

And I think some of that weight is muscle, frankly, because most of my jeans are too big currently, and I'm noticing my body getting in my way less during yoga, and (basically since Stockholm, when I couldn't believe how secure I felt on the wall) I am noticing serious gains in strength. Wheel pose is trivial these days (and fun!) and my headstands are really improving. (I have not been practicing the handstands nearly enough.)

One of the instructors was very worried yesterday about me picking up a kayak one-handed; that was trivial. (It was a large whitewater kayak, which is to say somewhat smaller than my tiny little flatwater boat.)

I really need to get back to climbing three times a week. Especially as I get lighter, I really want to maintain my upper body strength. I bet in another twenty or thirty pounds, I'll be able to chin myself pretty handily, if I do--and that's my route to climbing 5.10 as more than an occasional fluke.

I should email ashacat and see if she's busy Friday or Saturday...

God, I love being strong and flexible and fit. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to have a body that will just bloody do what you ask of it. Forty more pounds or so and I'll be back where it doesn't slow me down more than marginally; another fifteen past that and I should be ready to actually start training for a half-marathon, if I decide that's what I want to do.

I'm really, really looking forward to working on harder climbing routes. And flying up hills and stairs again the way I did when I was thirty.

It's heartening to see the goal posts in sight, after more or less five years of fairly serious effort to repair the damage I did to myself in Las Vegas.

And now I must work, because books don't write themselves.
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