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bear by san

March 2017



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that ain't no fun. i tried me one.

Today is not actually a Rest Day, either in the work or workout senses...but it is that rare luxury, the Unscheduled Day, which is almost as good.

(And here's your trigger warning for talking about food and exercise)


white space

I'm still getting some good results from Discipline 2.0, which translates to most of my dietary intake being fruit, vegetables, and dairy protein, with limited amounts of whole-grain carbs. I'm going to make some beans in the slow cooker here this afternoon, for a little variety. Mmm, beans.

Pretty much blew it off for Clarion week, though I did try to err on the side of protein and complex carbs. We won't talk about the fat intake. Or the booze. Also, pretty sure that veggie sausage wasn't actually good for me, though it was verra tasty.

Managed--now that I've gotten the water weight and salt out of my system--only to have gained two pounds, though, so go team me, go team daily exercise.

And I think some of that weight is muscle, frankly, because most of my jeans are too big currently, and I'm noticing my body getting in my way less during yoga, and (basically since Stockholm, when I couldn't believe how secure I felt on the wall) I am noticing serious gains in strength. Wheel pose is trivial these days (and fun!) and my headstands are really improving. (I have not been practicing the handstands nearly enough.)

One of the instructors was very worried yesterday about me picking up a kayak one-handed; that was trivial. (It was a large whitewater kayak, which is to say somewhat smaller than my tiny little flatwater boat.)

I really need to get back to climbing three times a week. Especially as I get lighter, I really want to maintain my upper body strength. I bet in another twenty or thirty pounds, I'll be able to chin myself pretty handily, if I do--and that's my route to climbing 5.10 as more than an occasional fluke.

I should email ashacat and see if she's busy Friday or Saturday...

God, I love being strong and flexible and fit. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to have a body that will just bloody do what you ask of it. Forty more pounds or so and I'll be back where it doesn't slow me down more than marginally; another fifteen past that and I should be ready to actually start training for a half-marathon, if I decide that's what I want to do.

I'm really, really looking forward to working on harder climbing routes. And flying up hills and stairs again the way I did when I was thirty.

It's heartening to see the goal posts in sight, after more or less five years of fairly serious effort to repair the damage I did to myself in Las Vegas.

And now I must work, because books don't write themselves.


I can only offer you a crippled fistbump today, because I did something very unsavory to my back last night.

I may have gotten talked into trying yoga more semi-seriously by the friend I was visiting this past weekend, too, because I am approximately as flexible as a bundle of newspaper.
Yoga is a social good. Also, I love being a 40 year old fat girl who can do a pancake stretch. *g*
Yoga for the win! I hadn't seriously gotten into doing yoga (as opposed to ballet and Pilates) until this summer, but now I'm quietly happy with the conditioning results.
Hurray for you!

I have embarked upon a discipline too! It is called "moving around." Mostly it is made up of gardening on the weekends (sometimes strenuously, sometimes not) and walking every day or night that I am actually in town. So Sunday we walked from my house to downtown and back, at a meandering, almost lazy pace, about 4.5 miles and with some stops, about 2 hours. Last night we walked up through one neighborhood across the way down back south and up through our own, again slow and relaxed, about 3 miles or so, in about an hour. The walks are clearing my head and are also making me slightly more fit. I am thinking they are a stepping stone to feeling fit enough for more strenuous exercise, so that when I do it I do not fall into my usual "exercise really hard for two days and fail to recover physically enough to go forward; drink wine" sort of habits.

So far I feel great and also it is good for my anxiety to be OUTSIDE in the OUTDOORS. Also today I can wear a skirt I couldn't wear three weeks ago, so "moving around" must be good for one's body.
Hurrah for you, as well! <3 You are mighty.

And yeah, baby steps at first. Fitness is exhausting.
Yay you!

I'm encountering the same paradox, though I'm trying to maintain weight now rather than lose any more (I have reached my target weight, now the challenge becomes maintenance). In the past, I've bottomed out, then slowly regained it. Can't afford to regain weight at my age, gaining and losing 60-some pounds really gets hard on the body (especially since for me that represents one-third--now one half--of my body weight). Having gone through this cycle one time too many, I really really REALLY don't want to do it again.

Clothes being loose are a good sign, and your training accounts plus the Discipline is really inspiring. Thanks for sharing! It keeps me going on the down and arthritic days.

I have four pounds that come and go, and when all four come to visit I am all OH NOES IT'S COMING BACK. The only soothing thing is to whip out Ye Olde Tape Measure, which shows me as being smaller in hips and waist (where the weight Goes Away First And Stays Away The Longest) than I was at the height of ski season this year, when I've been most active. So mebbe it's all muscle and water weight weirdness. I hope.

And I am so so with you about being flexible and fit. I'm actually fitter now in my 50s than I have ever been in my life, and that compares to when I was seriously training for a marathon in my 20s (pre-injury) and playing competitive badminton (not very good at it). Some of that is because the asthma treatment is successful and I can finally breathe when I exercise. But the downside of gaining this fitness in my 50s is that I see stuff I would have done when younger, but age means slower reflexes and more likely to breaky instead of bendy if I fall (which rules out freesking and jumping horses over fences).

I am worried about Worldcon for several reasons, not just the food and drink. It'll be lots of walking on concrete which is not good for the bad foot, even with my good shoes. I'm hoping someone has an early morning yoga class going...but anything hinky during that time sets me up for problems going into the next school year, which I do not need.
yay you!

One easy thing to do at cons is to just order the freaking appetizer and a salad instead of a ginormous dinner...
I am discovering the joys of eating nothing but appetizers. Can't do salads usually due to wheat, dairy and egg allergies (which can also severely limit appetizers), plus lettuce really upsets my gut for some reason (not an allergy, just some sort of intolerance. Weird).

Usually it's not the formal meals but the nibbles plus alcohol that do me in. I've been doing better at cons this year, but I've had access to places with good gluten-free options.

Ah well, the heat will most likely rein my appetite in. And I plan to exist on soy chai plus fruit and energy bars during the day.
That is also an excellent plan...
stillsostrange and I will often order an entree and split it.
OK, you've inspired me. When I get back to NYC, I'm going to go to yoga regularly again. Because flexibility and strength are good at any age, and, as little as I like the learning curve, I do love the long-term results.

Hold me to it, okay?
PACT! Yoga every week!
Feeling strong is a wonderful feeling. Go team you indeed.
I love that you talk about this. I can't decide if I'm encouraged or discouraged by your progress, so I guess it's both. It's good to hear someone is having success with losing weight and gaining strength, but I feel even more disheartened that neither one is happening for me.

But I am not giving up.
For me, it's been an endless battle with adjusting my diet and exercise. It's not as easy as it was when I was 25. :-P
Go Team You. It is fun to have a body that can actually do things, isn't it? I was there once, before body parts began to fail (which is the original Domino effect).
Yeah. I have a few faily bits, but I can work around them.
I am envious of your wheel pose, but very happy for you that your body is doing what you want it to do.

Headstands are ye olde reliable for me, but that probably means I should do lots of them so I don't wake up some morning age 60 and realize they snuck away from me as my backbends did. (I notice handstands are also harder than they used to be back when I did htem more often.)
Use it or lose it. It is our ethos.