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December 2021



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you had something to hide. should have hidden it, shouldn't you?

As previously mentioned, just carried out a little home surgery to remove an infected splinter from (get this) the inside base of the last joint on my big toe. You know, where it curves up a little from the pad?

I noticed at the climbing gym that my toe hurt in a funny spot (not the usual rock-climbing shoe spots, or the usual contact-with-the-wall spots) and sat down on the mat to poke at it. And hey, there was a darkish looking line, surrounded by a whitish looking patch, healed over in the meaty bit of my toe. And me with no clue how it got there.

So I just remembered it (six hours later) and I sat down on the edge of my bed this time with a razorblade to try to whittle it out.

It wasn't in all that deep, and a bit of picking and a good squeeze got the thing out, with a small quantity of blood, lymph, and dead white blood cells. And then I realized...

...the bandages and antibiotic cream are downstairs in the kitchen.

You know, where you usually need them.

So I had to hobble downstairs dripping unnameable fluids to dress the wound.

La. Yeah, I'm an idiot.

Meanwhile, I also seem to have a mild sinus infection. Probably from the nasal lavage au fish shit I breathed in when I was upside down in a lake on Monday...

All in all, though, it was a pretty good day.


I shouldn't giggle! I shouldn't.

...but it's kind of funny.

(Also: OW!)

I only ever get mystery bruises, never mystery splinters. Mystery bruises are bad enough.
It is a dependable law of life that the bandages etc. are always halfway across the house in a maximally inconvenient location. This does not make you stupid. It makes you human.

Ewewewow. Not a fun place to have a splinter (least of all because it's a tough place to dig it out). I don't do those much any more, but it was part of my life as a kid growing up on the farm. Locust trees have thorns that they shed on a regular basis, which can make running barefoot on the lawn an interesting experience.

I'd dig them out while sitting on the front porch, peroxide in hand, then remember after I'd poured the peroxide that I'd left the bandages etc in the bathroom. Then it was a case of sneaking across the house to get them without getting caught by my mother and getting yelled at for forgetting...
Ouch. I hope it heals quickly.
Dear Bear: Watch that VERY closely. I lost a big toe and spent a week in the hospital once and reading your story gave me a distinct deja vu. Mine started almost exactly like that. Signed, Concerned.

And, no, it was not diabetes thing.

I LOVE Mysteries

Don't you just love a good mystery though? I usually notice some sort of wound or bruise hours after free-sparring or SCA Heavy list fighting, that I cannot quite remember how I got it. Those are always fun trying to figure out, the way it gets your mind all churning and puzzling. Anyway, thanks for the story. Watch out for those tadpoles, they like nostrils.