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bear by san

March 2017



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sf farscape pilot

nothing to worry about, partner.

Back to the Farscape rewatch... could Netflix have the volume on these set any lower?

Farscape 2x8, "Dream a Little Dream"
original airdate: 23 June 2000

in which Zahn has nightmares.

"My circulatory organ does not seize up!"

"A Sebacean, a Luxan, and another Sebacean walk into a bar..."

The madness of searching entire planets for three people... wow. And Pilot is a hardass.

The directing in this episode is a little melodramatic. Chiana is awesome when she chooses to stick up for her friends. And Zahn is... acting a little strange. *g*

I'm kind of transfixed by Virginia Hey's jawline. Not that that's news. Nor is being transfixed by Gigi Edgley's jawline, come to think of it.

This is not the best-written episode of Farscape ever. It smacks of really bad 1960s courtroom drama.

Chiana rocks so much more on rewatch than she did the first time through. I can't remember at all why I disliked her.

Nice shot of the shadows of the mesh across Zahn's face.

"You and me, not lying? Are you mad?"

Yeah, the Rygel and Chiana physical comedy show is not working for me.

"You got burned. And he didn't."

"It's not a lawyer's way to be longwinded."

I love D'Argo telling Zahn to meditate.

Aww, Zahn and D'Argo kiss. And Rygel holds Zahn's hand.

That's a hell of a Zippo, Chiana.

Farts: Rygel. Of course. Excessively.
Bizarrely appropriate pop culture references:  Disneyland,
Random Muppets:
Bodily Fluids:  The plant is crying. So is Chiana.
Deaths of named characters:  Wesleyken
Worldbuilding weirdness:  Did I mention, the plant is crying. There sure are a lot of physical books in the future. Even if they are made out of Plexiglas.  Electronets.
Moments of sheer love:  The keedva came back!


Since "A Dance with Dragons" came out and Netflix made all the Trek series (except DS9 omg WHYYYYYY not??!) and Farscape available for streaming, my life pretty much revolves around eyestrain. There's no such thing as earstrain (I think?) but if there were, it would be Netflix's fault.

I understand they do it to keep us from recording it (or to let us record it but with crappy sound), but honest to Mike, the percentage of people actually saving shows on DVR or hard drive is small and shrinking every day. There's too much streaming everywhere and it's too cheap to be bothered with stealing it. If someone really REALLY wants a series for keeps, they'll buy it, but the rest of us would like to hear the damn thing, okay?

I've given up with getting good sound on most streaming. The only thing to do is hook up a sound system. You won't necessarily get more volume all the time, but the depth and clarity will make it much better.

Here endeth my rant. And I will never, ever get tired of looking at Virginia Hey. Aaaand now I'm jonesing for Garak. All your fault. :)