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don't shoot us. we're pathetic.

Farscape 2x9, "Out Of Their Minds"
original airdate: 7 July 2000

Oh yeah, one of the classic weird Farscape eps.

"I'm up! I'm up!"

Oh, Zahn. You are so very brave. And sometimes, you forget that not everybody is a good guy.

A typical Farscape episode in that the apparent immediate threat turns out to just be an excuse to get things moving in the direction of the actual problem.

Oh, Rygel. Always so good in a crisis.

I do like watching the actors impersonate each other.

D'Argo figures it out fast--and Anthony Simcoe's Chiana is fucking amazing.

"You'll return to your ship... when it is corpse."

The laminated ID badges are complete love.

"They're here. They're right here."
Oh god. Funniest scene in the history of Farscape.

"We do that sort of thing all the time around here. I just peed in a maintenance bay."

The plot for this episode is stupid, but I love it anyway.

"I'll rub you anywhere you like... in the transport pod."
You can't slash Farscape. It does it itself.

Oh, Rygel motivations!

"Show me... the pavement pizza."

Oh, Anthony. Your Chiana hip shimmy is a fucking THING OF BEAUTY. Also, I'm not sure there's anything hotter than Chiana in D'Argo's body... unless it's D'Argo in Chiana's body.

Go heroic Zahn!

"Trust me. Everything will be all right."

Kick him in the ribs, Aeryn. *g*

Aww. Rygel moment of pathos. 0.0

This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship:
"I really liked being inside your body."

Awww. And there is smut everywhere in the living ship tonight.

Bizarrely appropriate pop culture references: 
Three Stooges!
Random Muppets: Is that a skeksis? "Well, we just had one lying around the workshop."
Bodily Fluids:  Does Rygel picking John's nose count? Rygel/John's urine. Vulture muppet vomit.
Deaths of named characters:  The Halotian commander, whose name I did not actually quite catch.
Worldbuilding weirdness:  Pilot can't use beipedal nervous systems very well. Zahn IS STILL A PLANT!
Moments of sheer love: ALL OF IT, BABY.

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