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bear by san

March 2017



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don't roll away that stone girl. leave it where it lay. you think he's coming home but you know it's

This post is actually from Tuesday. Let's see if it posts today:

Today I have cleaned the entire downstairs and the bathroom, and done the catboxes. I have also par-cooked a baker's dozen ears of new, gorgeous sweetcorn from the farmer down the street and frozen some of it (the rest is part of dinner tonight.)

I deserve a beer, by god. Especially since I'm trying to load calories today and see if I can kick myself off this plateau.

Fortunately, I happen to have a Samuel Smith's Organic Handcrafted Raspberry Fruit Ale right here. And oh, my god, is it good.

The problem with the high protein/high fiber eating plan is that I'm stuffed and bored with food long before I get near 2,000 calories. Which is fine when I'm trying to stay around 1500, except the last 300 calories are really a damned effort lately.

Dinner tonight will be risotto with mushrooms, fresh watermelon salsa, and possibly greens from the garden if there are any left.

Nothing like an eating plan that calls for beer and risotto to kick you off a plateau!

*toasts The Discipline*


i wanted corn, until i wanted mushroom risoto.
There were no leftovers...

par cook

can you tell me what "par-cooking" is? I've heard the term a couple times before, but don't really know what it's referring to.

Re: par cook

It means to precook, or cook incompletely.

Re: par cook

aha - I kind of thought so, but then I was thinking that was too easy...but sometimes I guess it is as simple as that. Now it makes sense. My stepfather was telling me how parcooking the spareribs made them more tender when he barbequed them.

Thanks, :)
Good luck with the plateau-busting. But at least whether or not it works, you get to enjoy the all, corn and risotto meanwhile. (Why does it never seem to be possible to get good corn on the cob outside the US?? Sigh.)
Becuase nobody else understands it?

There's plenty of places *in* the US you can't get good corn...
This is true - they have corn (I think the US military planted a lot overseas to fight hunger after WWII) but don't understand it. They keep putting it in weird places, like on nachos. (Never order Mexican food in the Netherlands! For that matter, large swathes of the US aren't good at it either, or at least weren't into recent memory.)
Any good Yankee or Iowan can tell you how you eat corn is you start the water boiling, walk out back and pick the corn, shuck it on the way back to the house, and drop it in the pot when you come in the door. *g*