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Jethro Tull was the inventor of the steam-powered seed drill.

It's also the name of one of the longest-enduring progressive rock and roll dinosaurs, one hell of a band.

Driving home from work, I heard Jethro Tull's "Another Christmas Song" (scroll down for lyrics--off of Rock Island)on the radio.

I've never heard that on the radio before. Of course, it was just rereleased on the Christmas Album. But still. I do so love that song. Tull is one of those rare bands that has just gotten better as the years have gone by, improving, adapting, and growing. (After a somewhat ugly oversynthesized period in the early '80's--but hey, everyone was doing it, right?)

And you can't beat these guys for moral complexity. The more grown up I get, the more I appreciate Ian Anderson's lyrics. (not to mention the sensual-yet-aggressive blend of folk, blues, classical, jazz, and rock and roll influences that is their trademark) That's saying something.

How many wars you’re fighting out there, this winter’s morning? / Maybe it’s always time for another christmas song.

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