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I don't usually meme, but:

Stolen from britgeekgrrl

1. What does desire taste like?
raspberry/peach/mango puree on good vanilla ice cream

2. What colour is Beethoven (pick any piece you like)?
Pathetique, and it is the color of a grey cat in moonlight.

3. What does waking up sound like?
The mellifluous tones of Scott Simon on NPR.

4. What does flight feel like (to the touch)?
Cold rushing water

5. What does Obi-Wan smell like?
Ewan McGregor's after shave.

6. What your favorite book taste like?
Apples sun-warmed off the tree, and not quite as ripe as they should be.

7. What color is need?
Red as the face of a crying baby

8. What does letting go sound like?
desert rain

9. What does silliness feel like (to the touch)?
a bowl full of peeled grapes in the dark of the scout leader's basement, and it sounds like a room full of giggling girlscouts.

10. What does sin smell like?
Sin? Honey, sin smells like nothing at all, because sin is what you get when you try to impose an arbitrary outside morality on someone's actions. There ain't no sin. There's just right and wrong, and all that fuzzy grey stuff in the middle. But churches smell like frankincense and candle wax and myrrh, which is a better scent all around.

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