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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I don't usually meme, but:

Stolen from britgeekgrrl

1. What does desire taste like?
raspberry/peach/mango puree on good vanilla ice cream

2. What colour is Beethoven (pick any piece you like)?
Pathetique, and it is the color of a grey cat in moonlight.

3. What does waking up sound like?
The mellifluous tones of Scott Simon on NPR.

4. What does flight feel like (to the touch)?
Cold rushing water

5. What does Obi-Wan smell like?
Ewan McGregor's after shave.

6. What your favorite book taste like?
Apples sun-warmed off the tree, and not quite as ripe as they should be.

7. What color is need?
Red as the face of a crying baby

8. What does letting go sound like?
desert rain

9. What does silliness feel like (to the touch)?
a bowl full of peeled grapes in the dark of the scout leader's basement, and it sounds like a room full of giggling girlscouts.

10. What does sin smell like?
Sin? Honey, sin smells like nothing at all, because sin is what you get when you try to impose an arbitrary outside morality on someone's actions. There ain't no sin. There's just right and wrong, and all that fuzzy grey stuff in the middle. But churches smell like frankincense and candle wax and myrrh, which is a better scent all around.



Now you've done it. Lots of pictures in my head from those questions. I'm going to be thinking about this all day tomorrow.



If you agree that there is a right and a wrong, then what the heck is wrong if not sin? Yeah, I know, I'm "impos[ing] an arbitrary outside morality on someone's actions." If you're telling someone something is wrong, then you're judging it as sin, hon. :)

Some things *are* just wrong. Therefore, some things are sin. :) Ok, enough of my imposing.

Great questions, though. I'm with Jaime. Lots of thoughts and ideas floating in my head now.

Carol (yeah, the conservative one) :)


Ah, but most of the quote-unquote sins are, well, victimless. Sloth? Veniality? Sensuality? Vanity? Usury? (Okay, usury isn't victimless.) Adultery is (in my humble) only wrong if it hurts somebody. I don't pretend to be the guardian of anyone's morals but my own: I take a very pragmatic view of morality. If it doesn't hurt anybody, then I don't see any problem in people doing whatever the hell they want.

If it hurts somebody (other than themselves: I fully support your right to abuse your body any way you like) then they should be made to stop. The whole concept that being a little too fond of the shape of my nose or liking sex is going to keep me out of heaven is just--ridiculous. I mean, doesn't God have better things to do? Aren't their children starving in Africa and prisoners being tortured and raped in the Middle East (middle eastern seaboard of the US, for that matter.)

Sin is what religion tells us is wrong, as opposed to what actually *is* wrong. Any God who sends gays to hell for being who they are (and not hurting anybody) is no use to me. As is any God who opposes birth control on a starving, overcrowded, ecologically fragile planet. I really don't think God can be bothered to rule on rubbers as a sin, and if he can, then I want nothing to do with him.

And that's my arbitrary moral judgement.


Re: Sin:

I guess I don't see adultery as harmless. Damages someone else's relationship, at the very least. It appears we view what is sin differently, because I think if something I do harms me, it's a sin just as much as something I do that harms you.

As for the gay issue, I'm pretty sure that if God sends any of them to hell, it isn't because they're gay. I'm also pretty darn sure that a good many who consider themselves good Christians (or Jews, or Muslims) are in for a nasty shock in the afterlife.

Maybe even me.


Re: Sin:

I think adultery is harmful if you're lying about it/cheating/running around behind somebody's back. But I don't think polyamory is a sin....

So may be we do more or less have the same definition of "wrong", as mine is "hurting somebody else." However, I think sin has become a null term through overuse.

Re: Sin:

And I think sin has become a null term because folks don't like to call what they do "sin." They don't want to think that what they're doing could have eternal consequences. Instead, it's a "cultural difference," or an "alternate lifestyle,", or they were "born that way," or they just have a different POV.

My worldview includes plenty of gray areas, but that doesn't mean there are no blacks or whites. I believe what the prophet Micah said: "He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?" (my emphasis.) The emphasis is on myself to do right, not on forcing others to do what I think is right.

I think it goes right along with that statement, "I disagree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."

And I think you can still like someone, even love someone, and not like or love their actions.