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my name is mr. touchshriek

Some of you have been following, no doubt, the flap regarding Google+'s foolish insistence on users adhering to some form of their legal name, and canceling the accounts of those who don't. This, of course, affects many people who have been pseudonymous on the Internets for--in some cases--decades.

Like me*, although Google hasn't canceled my email account yet. Maybe they haven't caught on.

My Name Is Me is an attempt to collect testimonials from well-known pseudonymous folks regarding how and why they use a pseud online.

I've submitted mine.

Apparently, they are badly in need of male testimonials, by the way.

So why not go tell them how a reputation economy really works?

*This has occasioned no end of funny stories**, and occasional confusion when fandom friends and college friends interact. And a few people who for unknown reasons call me "Liz." I'm not a Liz. *g*

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