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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

so many things i would have done but clouds got in my way

Kind of sleepy this morning, despite having already been up for almost five hours, during which I accomplished... well, the dog got walked, and a long pleasant email to That Boy I Like got written, and an Interesting Proposition got forwarded to my agent, and some contracts got signed and stuffed in an envelope, and a couple of Range of Ghosts queries got answered, and I read my catalogue copy in Tor's winter 2012 catalogue. Oh, and I fed myself an egg salad sammich on rye bread and some plums and AFPS.

And my hair is clean. And I am wearing pants.

All of which is productivity of a sort, but is not doing a lot to get more wordcount into "Spellslinger." But my head is muzzy, and I think I will caffeinate a little before I actually face the Dread Task of writing fiction, since Writing Fiction requires Focus.

Maybe I'll read this last story in last month's Asimov's until I wake up a little.

Which reminds me, I really liked Melanie Tem's "Corn Teeth" in the August 2011 issue. Great voice, deft characterization. I did want... I wanted it to do a bit more with the alienness of the aliens: I wanted them to be more than a metaphor, I guess. But while I feel that was a bit of a missed opportunity, it's still an excellent story, and I commend it to the attention of just about anyone.

And now...

2011 08 08 the daily commute

Yep, we're back.

Teacup today: Gahan Wilson, monsters hunting investigators
Tea today: Upton's Arya estate 1st flush Darjeeling

And here's a couple of photos from Saturday's kayaking expotition: a blurry shot of an egret that we got many fine looks at (it was flying all over the pond swamp we were kayaking in) and some lotuses.

Either the water lilies or those little purple flowers had the most amazing sweet aroma.

2011 08 06 Upper Bolton Lake 007  2011 08 06 Upper Bolton Lake 002

And now back to Doc, who has been very patient with my stalling, and is actually coming across with some actual plot bits.


Clean hair is always commendable.
And those lilies are beautiful.
I think it is pickerelweed.

And man, those lilies--it was almost lily-of-the-valley in intensity and sweetness. Just amazing.
AFPS? Google isn't helping, and all I can think of is "Amanda F. Palmer Syrup," which is all kinds of wrong. But amusing! But wrong!

I've just printed out the directions to New Place, since I've been told that a solar flare might be going to mess with my GPS. But hey, now I can pack my printer! Raaar I am mighty?
Another Fucking Protein Shake. *g*

Yay! You can has directions! You can has the POWER!
Oh, bummer, I like my version so much better. Protein shakes are necessary, but also wrong and unamusing. (Or at least, the few I've had haven't made me want more.)

Now I need to search my heart for the strength to turn off the damn computer and start working. BLEAGH.
These aren't bad--stevia-sweetened whey protein, almond milk, and benefiber. And sometimes fruit.

but not exciting, no.
True, but the obvious next question is slightly disturbing: "is AFP Soup made by or from AFP?"
Thought of you yesterday - I got the lucky job of taking the six year old to see the Smurfs movie. (Good Mommy Miles?)

It needed an edit. Half an hour could have been GONE GONE GONE - so yes, I thought of you. You would *never* have made me sit through that half hour of 'what the BLEEP is THAT DOING HERE ANYWAY IDK - '

Forget it was Smurfs, to begin with anyway. There were some really nice bits in there, but who the bleep would know for all the hay and poop.

I got to the farmer's market Saturday - I consider that a personal victory.
Oh, I miss tightly edited movies. And novels. And albums.

We were all the better for somewhat worse technology, I think. It made us play tight to stay within our time limits.
Either the water lilies or those little purple flowers

early morning brain skippy had me thinking that this was referring to your tea... til I opened the post and saw the pictures.. which then totally confused the skippy brain, whose first thought then was "wow, thats one big cup of tea" *sigh*