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2011 08 09 the daily commute

tea today: Queen Mary Mango Passionfruit black tea
teacup today: songbird neighborhood watch

Breakfast is AFPS (not pictured) with a bananananananana (I know how to spell it, I just don't know when to stop) in it, and deviled egg salad on rye bread with OMG NOM the first Black Krim tomato from the garden holy fuck this thing in my mouth is INSANE.


Þæt wæs god tomato, let's just put it that way.

My morning 5-K waddle actually edged up into "run" or maybe "trot" a couple of times today...

Now I have five hours in which to knock out some more of "Spellsinger" before I go climb. Excelsior!
Tags: daily commute, get out in the park, tea

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