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well, i guess if you say so i'll have to pack my things and go

Man, Ray Charles. That's all.

John Henry Holliday is sick of these time-travelling assholes. And he gave me 2000 words today, and the entirety of the plot. Now I just have to do it justice.

A kind of wonderful thing happened today. When I went in to water the plants in the only decent window in this house (which is in the pantry: I don't know either) I discovered that my Cattleya had bloomed for the first time ever. I've had it for four years: I have only just discovered that it's fuchsia and yellow!

This one is closest to the actual color, but still too blue:

2011 08 09 cattleya orchid 003

And this one shows the plant better:

2011 08 09 cattleya orchid 002

In other news, so far today I have run 5 kilometers, climbed ten routes, and I am about to do yoga.  I am getting off this plateau if it kills me.

If I manage to hit my goal weight, however, the evidence is starting to accumulate that I am going to be an absolute fucking monster on overhangs. They're already significantly easier--and if the plan is working, I should be building muscle while I lose that other stuff.

I'm looking forward to that.
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks, horticulture (no really: horticulture), john henry holliday, project: valkyrie

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