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bear by san

March 2017



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evile overbear

hear the feet. see the sweat on the ground.

An interview with me by Andrew C. Porter.

3.25 miles today in 49:31 including bio breaks for the dog. I think I did it faster yesterday, but yesterday I bumped my timer, so we will never know.

28 years later, I still love this tune:

Terrible video, awesome song. Points for diversity, though.

Oh, 1983. Oh, cod-Grecian priestess with blonde '80s hair.


Ye gods and little fishes. It's been sixteen years or so since I last heard that song, when it went down in the sad warbliness of a well-loved mix tape. Awesome. Thank you for the reminder.
I had no idea until now that song was an Olympics tribute. ;D

I have a soft spot for cod-Grecian priestesses with blonde '80s hair, though. I think I imprinted on Xanadu. ;D
I think it functions on several levels. One is as the Olympics tribute, and another is as a civil rights anthem of sorts.
Yeah, I can see that, too.
Not only do I love it for its crunchy 80s guitar and winding 80s synth--but I love the imagery of the torch being passed in a never-ending cycle, forever and ever, amen. And how it ends in the middle of a chorus: the cycle continues.

Also, it's got a good beat and I can run to it.
I had completely forgotten that song until now! Oh, '80s music and especially '80s videos, the cheesiness just adds to the charm.