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bear by san

March 2017



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loose tea for loose women

yeah she pulls on this heart like she pulls on the sea

tea today: Queen Mary's Strawberry pink peppercorn
teacup today: SQUID MUG!

2011 08 10 daily commute 002 2011 08 10 daily commute 003

My silly dog gets so excited when I make tea and bring the laptop into the office to work. Apparently lying on the floor beside my work chair is the absolute highlight of his day.

Even better than morning walks.

I love my dog.

And now back to John Henry Holliday and the time-traveling assholes.


Awww. GRD likes to be with his pack alpha female. Nice! I do find I miss having an office critter, now that Salem Rabbit has passed on. He really liked to watch me sit at the computer or in my rocking chair and work, and would flop with his eyes on me, quite relaxed. It was always nice to have the company.

And I do love your squid mug. It's always cool to see the pic of it.
He is a Good Boy.

I like sitting with him, too.
Our cats seem to be happiest when my wife and I are in our proper chairs, at our proper computers. It seems to be their indication that all is right with the world.

In other news, my copy of Hammered just arrived and, while I'm sure it must seem like ancient history to you, I'm full excited to begin catching up through the years.

* Edited x2 for typos....
Yes, Ista is also fond. She does the "oh! oh! I know this one!" romp. (Although she is mostly getting demanding these days and wanting to curl up on my lap while I type instead of being content with the floor next to me.)
That is a gorgeous mug.
All the previous cats would sit next to me, Nina must sit ON me. I have utterly failed in convincing her to sit on the bar stool (cushioned, even!) next to me.

Also squid!!

I now have THREE squid mugs, including one here at work. This is entirely your fault. ;-)
Squid mug!

(I have the Etsy store bookmarked. One of these days, I'll settle on a piece from it and order.)
Good dog! Nothing better than having your most loyal fan right there to offer encouragement.
"John Henry Holliday and the Time-Traveling Assholes" would be a good book title. Also a good band name.
I think I'm in lust with your tea mugs. Go squids!