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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

More squee.

My contributor's copy of Shadows Over Baker Street arrived today. I have not yet got to read it and see how the copyediting on my story looks. But the cover is very much prettier in real life than it looks on Amazon.

Also, my tea came.

And TNH blogs on the art and substance of the Mary Sue here.

Also, I wrote 741 words today on an odd not-Chinese not-fantasy short story, which is the first wordcount I've had in 13 days, since finishing The Stratford Man. And there was sesame chicken for dinner. And now I must edit this thing for the boy, because he is nice to me.


Which Seven Nations CD is that on? Because I need to get it, since I don't have it.


That song is on "Old Ground" - one of their early CDs. I am (admittedly) rather partial to their older stuff, so I'd say it's worth seeking out...

Re: 7N

That's one of the older ones I don't have. I'm much more partial to their older stuff as well. Now I'll have to start looking for a way to get hold of it.
Old Ground, maybe?

One of the OOP ones, I'm afraid.
Hooray for contributor's copies! Now that I've got two forthcoming works in print, I'll finally be getting some of my own. When? That is a mystery.
as with anything in publishing, we do not recommend holding one's breath.

*g* This is my first hardcover. It's pretty shiny.
Ooh, you're in Shadows Over Baker Street? Charles has mentioned that book to me a few times because he is a Sherlock Holmes fiend and wants to read it. I'm sure his interest will be increased, knowing that we have an LJ friend among the contributors!
I am! With a whole bunch of much more impressive names. I've only just started reading it, but it looks good.

You may want to wait for the trade paperback. There are apparently some copyediting issues with some of the stories.

Your tea looks an awful lot like your book.

*wants to know what tea you got*
Did I mislink? Darn semagic, anyway.

I got all kinds of good tea. Russian caravan, and peach, and rose pouchong, and--


A local company for SOME people. *g*
*grins* Thanks for the link!

I have just recently discovered Russian Caravan at Tealuxe, recommended by the guy behind the counter when I wanted Imperial Lapsang Souchong, and they had the RC "on tap." Oh gods, it's so yummy!!! I bought some because they were getting rid of it. I think they've just renamed it now Czar Nicholas Russian Caravan, tho.

Want me to bring some tea out to you in February? :)

Oh, btw, I have some leaves for you! Have to find out what Lou did with them during the cleaning up yesterday. Email me your address, please!

And thanks for the TNH link! I really need to add her to my blogroll...
Thanks, but Upton Tea delivers, and it's always a fiasco when somebvody else tries to buy me tea. *g*

When are you coming out? I may not be very good company, it turns out--I have a deadline mid-February, and if I haven't met it, I'll be a very boring little bear. On the other hand, perhaps I will be free and clear!
Yay squee!

And thanks for the amusing Mary Sue link