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bear by san

March 2017



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writing companion to wolves _ truepenny

i drew that glass across his neck as fine as any blade

It's Book Day!

The Tempering of Men, the sequel to truepenny-and-my not-so-fuzzy companion animal fantasy, A Companion to Wolves, is out today!

To celebrate, I will have a drawing among those persons who post a photo of the book in the wild in comments. Prize is an ARC of ad eternum, the final New Amsterdam novella!

ETA: I'll let it run until Thursday, what say?


Congratulations to you both.
Yay!!! Book day! I'll keep my eyes open but I'm traveling all day today.
I'm guessing a photo of the ARC on my couch won't count? ;-)
ooh, an excuse to go out and forage in the bookracks of the wilde!
The nice Amazon courier just dropped it off!! SQUEE!!
Finished. Loved it!! <3
I was hoping to get my boyfriend to hook me up with a kylecassidy-style hoverbook shot, but he's been playing computer games all night. Cat with book on iPhone will have to do.

You are the randomly selected winner! Please to email me your address!
Would a photo of it on my Kindle count?

Here it is amongst my packing explosion. I'm saving it for the fourteen hour drive to college on Sunday though. If I can hold out that long....

And hooray for ad eternum ARCs! I'm really looking forward to reading it. :-)
O frabjous day!
Is the book available/will be available on Kindle, specifically in the UK? I'm dying to read it but am busy wandering the world.
Regards and congratulations,
There should be electronic editions, but I do not know about the UK. E-rights permissions are funny.
I've just finished devouring it; it's fabulous!

So Much Excitment!

Eek! I haven't had a free moment till this evening to go out and get it~! I hope submitting a picture before 10 pm is acceptable for the contest!
Will Scurry!

Re: So Much Excitment!

In the wild! Offical submission :) but I took this one and thought it was cool too--so here's one to share!

A big thankyou to my two roommates~!
One for supplying the shield and the Viking Seax sword.
effloresense For being so kind to let me borrow her Kindle~ and thus I did not have to brave a crazy shopping center!
:) Enjoy~!
I can't upload pics on my LJ since I'm not paid-account (at least, I don't think I can), and therefore give you a link.


I ordered the book at my local bookstore last Thursday. They called today to say it will not be in until the 19th. If i include a picture of the owner & shop sign may be a late entry?

Re: Sadness

It doesn't have to be YOUR copy of the book!
I got it in the mail today!
Just finished reading The Tempering of Men....I could not get it to buy on my kindle earlier because it was not available in my region. *sigh* Good thing I was on holiday in the US this week gone so I was able to buy it finally XD

It was great and I look forward to the next installment!