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"Don't feel bad. It's not you. It's me. I don't like you."

Farscape 2x11/12, "Look At The Princess Part II: I Do, I Think"
original airdate: 28 July 2000

Come sit on Uncle Scorpius's lap and he'll tell you a story...

Leviathan gods are kind of sleezy.

"Damn my Charlie Parker albums."

"You're not getting the toaster."

"My left, your right."

And there is John Crichton, Crazy Motherfucker. In full flower. It's kind of glorious.

Lt. Braca was not ready for that.

"Do you want us both to die?"
"You didn't think I was going to do it alone."

"Aeryn, I'm tired. What am I supposed to do when there's no fight left in me?"
"You run away."

Awww, Pilot. Awww, Zahn.
I love warrior Zahn.

"Do you know what they said? 'Yes, your highness.'"

"Magnificent. I smell power again."


"Just feel free to wake me up any time, D'Argo."

Bizarrely appropriate pop culture references: 
John's airplane safety lecture, castration jokes, "Get back or the white boy gets it!"
Random Muppets: assassination droid!
Bodily Fluids: 
Deaths of named characters:  Rona
Worldbuilding weirdness:   The servant alien's eyes glow in the dark
Moments of sheer love:  Rigel's little wedding collar.

Tags: rape of john crichton

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