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and all the world is football shaped. it's just for me to kick in space.

I am contemplating just doing my packing for Armadillocon now. I should be reading the last 200 pages or so of this review book, but it takes itself VERY SERIOUSLY and I am actually kind of tired by that now.

Oh, SRS LITERARY BOOKS, you can have a sense of humor too. It's okay. We'll still like you. Even if you unbend just a little.

And I have been reading all day.

Packing, involving as it does getting up and moving around, and not tight focus on SRS BOOK IS SRS, seems a lot more attractive right this very second. 

Thursday morning at oh my dark oh five, I shall be getting up for to go to the airport. I should probably try to be well-rested, because are we taking odds on me getting any sleep at all at the actual con?

Not even the Texas Station Casino would let you place a bet on that.

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