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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

The FCC rules that the F-word is okay--

--as long as it's not actually talking about sex.

America is so weird. So, in other words, you can now say "fuck," in broadcast media. Unless you are actually talking about fucking, inwhich case you have to use a euphemism.

This vaguely reminds me of the woman who, when I cautioned her about taking her thirteen year old son to see Rob Roy because of the sex and violence, said "I don't mind the violence, but I don't want him exposed to sex."


Why do I think our priorities are backwards, here?

I'm sure I could blame this on the Puritans if I tried hard enough.


In other news, 146-day rejection from Black Gate on Wednesday--another very nice one. I'm becoming accustomed to the words "almost," and "not quite."

We have our Return of the King tickets. I am such a geek: we're doing the midnight thing, and I took the next day off from work.

And Republican-controlled Nevada is joining other states in switching to the new electronic voting machines. The hackable ones.

Oh, this is going to be a bruised and bloody, unholy mess, this next election. Is it too late to ask for UN observers?


I've taken the 17th off, and have a friend to go with me to the midnight "RotK" showing, but the theater we want isn't selling the tickets yet.

Not that I've been checking every couple of hours, or anything...
Oh, the Puritans are entirely to blame. Problem is, they didn't disappear when they stopped looking like the Plymouth Breathren -- they turned into fundamentalists and right-wing-falling-off-the-edge-of-the-world Republicans.
Right. I didn't get an MA in Colonial American History, emphasis on New England, to pass this up. Not to mention that I'm a Yankee born and bred. *Ahem.*

The Puritans are *not* to blame for the weird romanticizing of their alleged attitudes that nineteenth-century moral commentators started!

Sure, there were tons of fire-and-brimstone Puritan preachers during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, but by the nineteenth they were no longer the cutting edge of radical religious movements.

Please! The Puritans are no more responsible for being worshipped by later would-be moral reformers than is that certain carpenter from Nazareth.

This has been a public service message ... thanks for your time.
Okay, let me clarify my terms, such as they are. I am not blaming the Puritans who settled in New England for what is going on now, but the offshoots of their theology and ideology that have warped it -- whom I also, for the sake of continuity, consider to be Puritan in their attitudes, though taking it to extremes. *However* the puritanical strain in Republican ideology (including its overpowering links with fundamentalist groups that take the Bible so literally they won't admit that the Psalms are poetry and the book of Kings is history of a sort but it's all The Most Holy Literal Word Of God Who Wrote It In English To Start Out With, Never Mind That Stuff About Jesus Being Jewish) are to blame for a whole lot.

The *real* Puritans had more sense than that. I could easily wish some aspects of the influence of their thought had lessened somewhere around the time that my homeland became the Burnt-Over District, but instead it has simply merged with ignorance in other places. The real Puritans weren't ignorant; they valued education and thought and intellect. Would that the neo-pseudo-copycat fundys would do the same.

::/run-on sentences R us::
Te absolvo, then. [grin]

See, I have this problem with clarity in word usage. I think "puritanical" is a great word. "Puritanical nitwits" is fine description of the fundamentalists.

But "Puritan" in the American context means, to me, John Winthrop Sr., Jr., & co., Jonathan Edwards, Anne Hutchinson, and other historical figures - if it means anything at all (let's not start that discussion).

Okay, 'nuff said. I'm just being nitpicky, I admit it, and I ought to shut up and do my spatial systems project now. 'Bye!
I've read Philip Stubbs Anatomy of Abuses, and I have to beg to differ.

The rod up that man's ass had a rod up its ass.

Also, there's that little matter of Oliver Cromwell ("Who raped our motherland").

On the other hand, John Donne makes up for a lot.

Hey, it was either the Pogues, or it was Monty Python. Be grateful!
I'm sure I could blame this on the Puritans if I tried hard enough.

Hehehehe. Oh, honey, I do blame everything on the Puritans, and I don't even have to try very hard!

Or Candada. Canada works in a pinch.

"There is something wrong with a society in which a naked body is considered more obscene than a naked blade."

- Spider Robinson, from one of his Callahan's books.
Or, more briefly: "More sex, less violence, woooo!"--my mother-in-law
This leads to verbal confusions, analogous to "I need to go to the bathroom so bad I could shit."
That was the sound of coffee coming out of my nose.

So much for THAT heather-colored turtleneck.
And what about basic constructions like "Fuck me!" - will the FCC carefully examine whether the emphasis is on the first or second word and therefore whether the statement is literal or metaphorical?
Yankee manager Billy Martin once yelled "Suck my dick!" at a female reporter. This was deemed not to be sexual harassment because he'd been yelling it at male reporters for years.
what if he were bisexual?

Could it then be sexual harrassment if he yelled it at men? If he were gay, could he only yell it at women with impunity?

Welcome to the part of my brain that writes science fiction....
Eventually, I imagine that sort of thing will be a problem, or they'll just decide that anything that can be interpreted as a sexual offer, no matter how improbably, is harassment.


Viva la revolucion!

Yeah, I think we can say goodbye to the relatively clean electoral process of yesteryear, and just incorporate the corruption, vote tampering, racial steering and inevitable lawsuits into the system. I can envision something similar to the Aztecs war-sports of old; whichever party loses gets one day to storm the White House with machetes and try to collect as many heads as possible. Then they play soccer with them.