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bear by san

December 2021



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rengeek kit faustus commodorified

i want to wake up in a city that never

Armadillocon is over, and it was wonderful--friends, fun, panels, conversations, and probably slightly more bloody marys than my gastric acid balance really wanted to deal with.

Tomorrow I fly home, which is an occasion for more mixed emotions than con-leaving usually is, given who is currently typing quietly at me from about eighteen inches away. I seem to be getting attached.

Austin has been hot, and also hot. Here's hoping the hurricane-blasted Northeast isn't in too rough shape to welcome me home.

In other news, SF Squeecast Episode 3 is live.


Glad you had a good time. I hope that 'who' is planning a visit to Connecticut soon.
34 days. *g* Not that I am counting or anything.
:- )
I am being perpetually amused by the icon for this post.

Not leastwise because of how you wrote Kitten Marlowe in W&W, which I am tantalizingly close to finishing. (aside: you are *mean* to your characters! *laugh*)
Woot! Doing my best to be. *g*
Glad to hear you had fun! I was there with Dianne Sylvan - meant to stop and say hello, but you kept dashing off places. Anyway, hi. *waves* You're hilarious. :)
Awww. Thank you!

Are you sitting down?

Maybe you already know,but this may be a huge surprise: a Giant Squid has married a Unicorn.

Might there be something in the air?...(very low evile chuckle) May your life improve with each day, until it gets so great you can't stand it any more...and then it gets even better. :)

Re: Are you sitting down?

I heard a rumor. ;-) And thank you!
Safe travels. I miss you! <3 I'm glad you had fun out southwesterly.
It was really great to meet you!