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bear by san

March 2017



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leighton pavonia

she comes to me in dreams, a trainwreck beauty queen

So. Home safe from Armadillocon. I have no power and no internets at my house: I am currently ensconced on the sofa at ashacat and netcurmudgeon's place, borrowing a wee cup o'the future. At some point today I must somehow get hold of my mother, who has no power and no phone, and arrange to get my dog out of gaol.

The cats are fine, the house is fine, and Irene even left my tomato plants mostly intact. There's a big tree down here, mind, and I failed to find either a bank or a gas station with electricity this morning, but the roads are clear--and Yankees being Yankees, 90% of drivers are being extraordinarily courteous at all the intersections that have suddenly been converted to Bangalore Rules Driving.

So basically, I missed all the fun of the storm, but get to have the inconveniences! CL&P is currently unable to even offer an estimate of when my power will be back on. La. Fortunately, I am resourceful!

At least we have gas heat, so there are showers.

Armadillocon deserves a better con report than the few words I gave it Sunday night. I had a fabulous time--it's a great, intimate con held at the same Renaissance hotel as the Austin WFC in 2006, probably with Hal Duncan's brain blood still soaked into the grout between the marble lobby tiles--and I really enjoyed all of my panels, and all of the friends' panels that I attended. The Bistrot did a much better job of covering itself in glory this time around, and the bloody Marys were outstanding.

There were, as stillsostrange has intimated, no fewer than two Talisman games (I missed part of the first one to attend a panel, and washed out of the second one when I took a too-early wrong turn into the Dungeon and got eaten by a grue) and on Thursday night, pre-con, I went with her and her husband and fadethecat and catrambo to see bats! All the times I have been in Austin, I have never done the bats.

They were kind of freaking awesome.

2011 08 25 austin bats 021

The most impressive thing, for me, was the fact that they do indeed look exactly like the horror-movie crawling CGI of random evil swarming thing.

Here's some video:

After, we went to peché, which may go beyond being my favorite bar in Austin to claim the spot of my favorite bar in the world, where we drank delicious frilly girly cocktails and ate pommes frites and duck salad until stina_leicht arrived, having successfully retrieved scott_lynch from the airport, and more pommes frites and girly cocktails ensued. Also, it's possible that Scott and I scandalized the place, slightly...or at least mortified Stina.

2011 08 25 armadillocon 031

(This photo not actually from peché, but it does capture why Stina is the Queen of Mischief. Scott is the Lord of Misrule, which will come as a surprise to nobody.)

Here is stillsostrange contemplating my demise:

2011 08 25 armadillocon 029

(There was a panel with Scott, Amanda, Stina, and Skyler White on it, which I promptly dubbed the Awesome Hair panel. You can see why.)

Friday night and Saturday were all panels all the time--I thought the worldbuilding panel was particularly fun, and the signing and reading were well-attended by interesting people who wanted to talk to me, which is always good. (I also kibbitzed Scott's signing, in my capacity as Official Registered Nuisance. The Lynch-and-Bear show is perhaps not quite such a polished comedy routine yet as the Mole-and-Bear show, but he's been heckling my signings since the last time we were both in Austin, so it only seemed fair.)

I also got to spend a little quality time with Paolo Bacigalupi, who is a dear friend I don't get to see often enough.

Sunday, Famous Writers went climbing! Amanda, Fade, Scott, Sam-whose-surname-and/or-lj-I-do-not-know, and I decamped to the Austin Rock Gym, where (as anticipated) Scott proved that in six months he's going to be kicking all our asses. (It was his first time out.)

I did not get a photo of Sam on the wall, but I did manage to get Fade, Amanda, and Scott all on the same move of the same bouldering route, which made my inner nerd kind of happy.

Famus Riters On Plastic Rocks:

2011 08 28 famous writers climbing things 006
Fade Manley

2011 08 28 famous writers climbing things 002
Amanda Downum

2011 08 28 famous writers climbing things 008
Scott Lynch (and Fade's forehead)

You people all need to watch your foot position. Also, one of these things is taller than the others.

Then Sunday night was that second (unfinished) bar-Talisman game, and just as we all (stillsostrange, Mr. stillsostrange, scott_lynch, fadethecat, and me) were yawning and stretching and about to creep off to our beds, skzbrust, skylerwhiteauth, and coffeeem mysteriously appeared. The drummer, as is his wont, settled himself at the head of the table and said, "Let's talk about Art!"

So we did.

And there was orange blossom ale (my gosh, that was tasty) and Woodchuck Fall Cider, which is a little like being given a nasal lavage with a nutmeg, but deliciously so.

And it was kind of freaking awesome.

In the morning, stillsostrange picked up scott_lynch and me for breakfast at Star Seeds (yay!) and then dropped us at the airport, and all our separate ways we went.

Verdict? Armadillocon: I will go back. Austin? Already knew it was going to be a regular stop in my peregrinations.

And now? I must revise Book of Iron, and revise "The Leavings of the Wolf," and revise "!Spellslinger" and find a title for it. And then I must write as much of a novel as humanly possible before October gets eaten by Viable Paradise and boyfriend-visits and moving to Massachusetts and WFC a grue.

Which means it's time to stop dicking around on the internets and get to work, baby.


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scott_lynch has nice legs. Nice arms, too. Yes, I'm being shallow this morning.
I have excellent taste, if I do say so myself.
Hm. I should totally be getting my toe on that foothold instead of the middle of my foot, shouldn't I? Now that I've gotten better at straight-arm stuff, I should start working on my feet some more.
Your left foot is good!
The Sam whose last name you've misplaced - would it be Sam Sykes?
No, I don't believe so. Somebody from Amanda's writing group. Possibly Sam Slocum?
Twas swell to see ye, and be immoderated on the worldbuilding panel.
Likewise! And it was good to be immoderate!
Holy crap bats! That is a serious bat swarm there.
I only got to see them once, I think, and I lived in Austin for aaaaages.

I also got occular histoplasmosis, almost certainly 'cause of general bat guano particles in the air and dirt. Fuuuuuuuun.

*waves by way of fade's journal*
You have heard MC Frontalot's "It is Pitch Dark", right? (The refrain is that immortal line, "You are likely to be eaten by a grue.")
Oh yes. Yes indeed.
Glad you're home safe; also that your home is safe. I'm far enough inland that all we got was a blustery day, although we've been through the power-out-no-estimate thing, so I feel for you.

Shattered just arrived, so, yay! Now if Sept 21 will just hurry its way along. Anyone know if Eddie B. will be involved since the Lame-Off crashed?
He will not.
That sounds like an amazing time.

Also, over the weekend I have finally become addicted to Criminal Minds. I blame everyone involved in the creation of Shadow Unit for this. Also free cable. (And thank you, it's a delicious addiction).
Apropos of naught but entry title, and perhaps the general theme of 'whoa, a cool thing!'... Have you heard Tom McRae's newest album, Alphabet of Hurricanes?

Edited at 2011-08-30 04:42 pm (UTC)
Loved the bats. Wow! Never seen so many. Must be caves nearby.
The photo and video are being taken from atop the Congress St. bridge, and all of the bats live beneath it. Apparently when that bridge was built, they accidentally made it utterly perfect for bat-nesting purposes, so there's a huge colony there.
That sounds a little bit like Best Con Ever. (I'd be more envious, except I'm having the time of my life right now, but I'm still a little envious. :P )
Well, I had some outside influence making it kind of the Best Con Ever. But yeah, Armadillocon comes highly recommended by me.
Glad you have no damage and are *dry*! Hope you get power/internets back soon. :)
I am glad you had an awesome time and that home is not now afloat. <3

I would like to be introduced to your friend Scott one day, if OMGFANGRRLSQUEE would not be considered a wholly inappropriate greeting. I like his books you know.

Also, turns out that whole montreal adventure DID come with a confidentiality agreement, so now I cannot spill until I read the thing and see what's prohibited, or some undetermined date in the future when it doesn't matter anymore.....hopefully only the details can't be discussed and I can find a way to vague it up.

Considering the levels of fansquee I've seen him lay on people, I think he deserves it right back. *g*

Alas, Montreal! I'm sure you'll get a chance to tell me what you can...
Nice. Taunt me for my foot position in a photo of literally the first time I ever went up an indoor climbing wall. You're a real goddamn meanie-head when you're not within grabbing distance, you know that? :P

Next time I'm bringing a Batman cape.
Your left foot is really good.

And I'm serious; you're going to be waxing me in six months, if you keep at it.
Yay, bats! And good cons and great company!
You would love the bats. Just sayin'.
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