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i used to care but things have changed

Ooof. The restaurant-food bloat is mighty. But I did go for a run this morning, my first since last Wednesday, and actually did more running and less waddling than usual. Someday, I may even be not a crap runner.

The hurricane seems to have swept some Autumn in behind it. It's crisp and cool--unutterably gorgeous. And I have just submitted two requested stories and am hard at work revising Book of Iron. As soon as that's done, I need to get serious about Shattered Pillars. I'd like to have 60K or so of it done by the time the DARPA event rolls around.

More would be better, of course.

Tomorrow I need to wade through gmail and find the emails relating to the postcard stories, because (dammit) when my hard drive cooked itself, I lost the actual tidy and useful records of what I owed to whom. And those must get done ASAP.

My other thrilling accomplishments for today will include doing laundry, making a vet appointment for the cat, paying bills, and going climbing.

Maybe I better get on that.

2011 08 31 daily commute 001

tea today: Upton's Christmas Blend (it's an orangy cardamomy clovy chai, verra nice)
teacup today: dragony chocolate cup, a gift from ctwriter along with a couple of others that I will introduce this week. When she picked me up at the airport on Monday, she handed me a bag of teacups. *g*
Tags: daily commute, get out in the park, tea
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