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rather walk through fire than converse with my shrink

five things make a post:

1) Saw a whitetail deer fawn out of ashacat's kitchen window yesterday, and got to show her to my older godson, who will be four in January.

2) Just sold "The Leavings of the Wolf" to Apex, under the new auspices of rarelylynne. Since it was solicited, I figured the odds were pretty good... but the letter of acceptance is the bit that really counts.

3) Really starting to believe I am dating the perfect boy--at least, for me. Possibly not for anybody else. But for me. And it wasn't even the random Dead Kennedys jokes that sealed the deal.

4) Electricity, internets, open banks and gas stations, and hot water. It's good to be back in the future.

5) Tomorrow is September, and my favorite three months of the year officially commences.


Whedonistas is now available for the Kindle.
Tags: autumn in new england, five things, gratitude, publications, sunil, that boy i like, this is pretty nice right here

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