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i'm a working dog in babylon

Blood pressure: 120/80. Still conditionally off the hypertension meds. Something to be said for all this running.

...and staring down the barrel of my first mammogram. *sigh*

I think I like my new doc. (The old doc left to become an obstetrician.) This is my second meeting with her, and she cautioned me about losing too much weight too fast, and setting reasonable lower limits on my caloric intake and weight loss plans. She also told me I was conditionally healthy at my current weight (which is still well into the "obese" range according to the actuarial charts).

So go team her fighting the good fight against societal brainwashing.

Boy, there's nothing like a community healthcare clinic waiting room for comedy gold before breakfast, as a couple of (apparently previously unacquainted) people (apparently now nurturing a budding romantic interest) sitting behind me were discussing--in loud voices, across the entire width of the waiting room--their respective adventures with their parole officers. Now, anybody can end up with a parole officer, through misadventure or the vagaries of the application of the law as mediated through class and race in the USA.

However, if *I* had been busted for DUI while fleeing the scene whereto (reading between the narrative lines in the fashion to which we are trained by Rashomon or perhaps Gene Wolfe) an underaged girl I tried to get drunk and sexually assault had summoned officers of the law, I wouldn't be telling this story in the doctor's office in an attempt to pick up women.

Goals today: Finish that laundry I started yesterday, pay some bills, write at least 8 pages of Shattered Pillars, and go to archery. Oh, and practice my guitar, which I have not touched in a week. And buy almond milk and soluble fiber, because the Discipline hath its demands.

Oh, and start shopping for a dress for the World Fantasy Awards. Which reminds me--here's an open invitation to pimp your favorite corset makers in comments.

Here's the current playlist for Shattered Pillars, to start us off.

1. Basil Poledouris - Prologue & Anvil Of Crom (3:40)
2. Asaf Avidan - Painting On The Past (3:57)
3. Tom McRae - For The Restless (4:06)
4. Bat For Lashes - Horse And I (3:04)
5. PJ Harvey - Send His Love To Me (4:20)
6. Indigo Girls - Sugar Tongue (Acoustic Version) (3:47)
7. Vast - Where It Never Rains (3:30)
8. Maddy Prior - 09-Boy on a Horse (3:42)
9. The National - Little Faith (4:36)
10. Snow Patrol - Set The Fire To The Third Bar (3:23)
11. Basia Bulat - Heart Of My Own (3:49)
12. Rachid Taha - Stenna (6:04)
13. Tom Waits - Drunk On The Moon (5:06)
14. Patrick Park - Blackbird Through the Dark (3:19)
15. Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Black Moon (4:49)
16. Patrick Park - You'll Get Over (3:56)
17. Iron & Wine - Woman King (4:24)
18. Rachid Taha - Barra Barra (5:46)
19. Tom Petty - Running Man's Bible (Album Version) (6:01)
20. Guarneri Underground - Kashmir (live) (8:59)
21. Sinéad Lohan - No Mermaid (4:08)
22. Three Dog Night - Shambala (3:25)
23. Iron & Wine - No Moon (4:15)
24. Pat Benatar - Painted Desert (5:26)
25. Sting - Desert Rose (4:45)
26. Vast - Desert Garden (3:16)
27. Mumford & Sons - Dust Bowl Dance (4:40)
28. John Hiatt - God's Golden Eyes (2:28)
29. Patrick Park - The Lucky Ones (3:57)
30. Jethro Tull - Wounded, Old And Treachreous (7:50)
31. Leonard Cohen - The Future (6:41)
32. Rachid Taha - Bent Sahra (7:11)
33. Cat Stevens - Moonshadow (2:52)
34. Shivaree - Goodnight Moon (4:05)
35. Sinéad O'Connor - Troy (6:34)
36. Leonard Cohen - Here It Is (4:18)
37. Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Runner (4:44)
38. The National - Anyone's Ghost (2:54)
39. Dar Williams - And A God Descended (4:15)
40. Patrick Park - Come What Will (3:46)
41. Jethro Tull - This Free Will (4:05)
42. Tom Waits - All the World is Green (4:38)
43. Ben Harper And Relentless7 - Skin Thin (4:32)
44. Jann Arden - The Way Things Are Going (4:10)
45. Iron & Wine - Evening On the Ground (Lilith's Song) (3:06)
46. Patrick Park - You're Enough (2:58)
47. Janis Ian - Lover's Lullaby (5:25)
48. Basil Poledouris - Wheel of pain (4:09)

Soon it will be cool enough to start using my heating pad again. The longing with which I contemplate this suggests that maybe I should go see my massage therapist soon.

2011 09 01 daily commute
tea today: Upton's domestic peppermint
teacup today: another pretty demitasse from ctwriter
Tags: daily commute, eternal sky, monkey you are funny, pudge report, tea, the writer at work

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