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and now the wheels of heaven stop. you feel the devil's riding crop.

2011 09 03 daily commute

tea today: Upton rose congou. Yum
teacup today: Japanese one from San Francisco

I went grocery shopping yesterday, which means I actually need to exert some Discipline and choose what I am going to eat today rather than defaulting to "whatever protein and veggies are in the cabinets and fridge." But there will be an apple and good cheese for lunch, and olives, and I have every intention of making chicken green chili for dinner and eating it with lettuce wraps. Win!

Now, however, I must suck it up and get some writing done on Shattered Pillars, despite the fact that I would much rather be marking up a friend's manuscript.

Other people's stories are so much sexier than mine right now. 

Ah, once more into the breeches, dear friends... wait, that's not quite what I meant to say...
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