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is this your life the one from your dreams

Another thousand words on Shattered Pillars today, despite personal obligations involving my best friend and his birthday cake. Not a banner day for The Discipline, but it could, quite frankly, have been a lot worse.

I now have a tenth of a book, at a projected/contracted 500 pages/120K, as I am halfway down page 52. Actual, palpable progress. I have also broken 10,000 MicroSoft words. Which are not quite like real words.

Tomorrow, more work.

Right now, via kafkonia, a newish She Wants Revenge video, which is--after the nature of She Wants Revenge--both curiously derivative of 80's gothy alt music (Joy Division, Bauhaus, Peter Murphy &c.) and also uncannily sexy and even more uncannily creepy.

I noticed that the Male Gaze in this one was probably a serial killer around the fifty second mark, personally....
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