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look your love had drawn red from my hands

I am enamored--enamored--of the current permutation of my Taxi Driver Protocol (work harder on good productive days; do the required minimum on the rest). Right now, the plan is: I must write 1,000 words. If it's flowing, I can keep writing to wherever I feel like quitting: if it's not, I get to stop and do something else.

This is in preference to grinding, grinding, grinding away at the book no matter what. Because frankly? I have been working too hard for too long, and it's bad for me.

I have written four pages on Shattered Pillars, bringing me to the end of Ch. 4. I'm about to send this chunk out to some beta-readers to see if any of them like it.

So now I am going to eat some food and pay some bills (not fun, but there you go) and then read until it's time to go climbing.
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